Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Free Doughnuts If People Vote On Election Day

With the 2016 Presidential Election coming to a close and America fighting like cats and dogs over the Democratic and Republican nominees, it seems as though no one is happy. Donald Trump is up as the Republican nominee, being the first "celebrity candidate" to run for president and Hillary Clinton the first female presidential nominee, it's pretty clear that America will be making history, no matter who wins.


However, both candidates have had their fair share of problems in the media and in their campaigns. Trump has been called a racist, a sexist and has had a lot of legal issues with his taxes and numerous investigations. Clinton has been wrapped up in an email scandal where she used private servers instead of government ones to send emails having to do with work and other issues.

Either way, one candidate will win the election – whether or not America is ready. But, on the bright side, there is something to gain from voting on Tuesday.

America's favorite doughnut store is giving away free doughnuts if people come into the store proving that they voted. Lucky for Americans, the proof is solely a sticker saying "I voted," which most polling locations give out as a reward for taking part in the electoral process.

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The company has made sure to guarentee that they are not persuading anyone to vote for either Trump or Clinton (or even Gary Johnson if they choose), saying that it's up to the customer to vote in whichever way they choose. However, if they do vote, they will get a glazed, delicious treat – for free!