Italian McDonald’s Announces Nutella Burger

Healthy will never be an area of expertise for the infamous McDonald's fast food franchise, but menu diversity is a different story. For those who dabble in foreign lands, you may have learned that the traditional American menu items are not the same throughout the world.


Any study abroad student knows McDonald's as their post-club indulgence at home or in another country (shout out to the amazing curry sauce in Western Europe), but Italy has just upgraded their menu with an obvious choice, giving the people what they want.

The notorious chain, took to their Italian Facebook page, Thursday morning to promote their new Sweety con Nutella. The food invention stirred up a lot of talk with over 90,000 shares and over 75,000 likes. "A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist. Try Sweety with Nutella now: soft bread with a creamy, indulgent center," says the Facebook Page.


I'm honestly surprised that it took this long to get Nutella on the menu considering it is an
Italian staple.

What appears to be a Nutella Burger in the ad is not a horrifying mixture of beef and hazelnut...The creation is a spread of Nutella between two buns presented in that same kind of box the company would serve their burgers in. Sounds like a yummy breakfast treat to me.

Unfortunately, for those American-Italians with a Nutella obsession their are no signs of the invention immigrating to the States anytime soon.

Ever wonder how geography effects our fast food menus? Mcdonald's carries Carbonara Chicken Sandwich, Bacon Potato Pie in Japan, McSpaghetti in the Philippines and a McCurry Pan in India.

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Although these different ethnicities of McDonald's meals sound intriguing... a 6 piece chicken nugget with honey mustard and fries is a safe bet for me and my stomach.