Domino’s Is Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza This Holiday

Now that the Thanksgiving frenzy is officially over, IT IS TIME TO PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS. What a time to be alive, am I right? What is the second greatest thing besides celebrating the holidays? I know we are all thinking it... Pizza.


Domino's is doing us all a favor by combining the most festive holiday with the greatest food ever, in the most brilliant way. A Domino's in Japan released a YouTube video of reindeer training to deliver pizza to costumers during a snow storm.

Domino’s inventive delivery method was revealed in what looks like an official statement from Japan.


The video even went as far as showing a GPS-tracker in which people with smartphones can follow where the reindeer are. The only thing missing from this greatness is a Santa look a like delivery man to escort the holiday mascots.

The whole campaign seems to be legit, and Domino's claims they will have the service running by December. The Youtube video is captioned, "Domino Pizza Japan  "Snowfall Delivery Countermeasures” promotes the reindeer delivery plan in preparation for the winter when severe cold is expected."

Everyone go add pizza to their Christmas lists this year.

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I do have a few questions for the company. Where are they getting these reindeer? Why do I  have to fly all the way to Japan just to witness this actually happening? If Santa's reindeer can fly, then can I expect my pizza to go airborne?

This is extremely ideal after a long night with distant relatives and one to many alcoholic, egg nogs. Nothing would make me happier than a late night visit from a reindeer, if they are able to keep the pizza warm, I will be a full believer in all things mystical and Christmas.

So add reindeer delivered pizza to your reasons to end up on the nice list this year.