Napoleon Dynamite Actors Reunite For Burger King Ad

Everyone knows the epically famous film Napolean Dynamite. Although the movie came out in 2004, people have been watching it in years following, as it's become a cinematic comedy classic. The movie has left fans with fun and hilarious quotes to reiterate for years to come.


One of the iconic moments from the film is when Napoleon, the film's lead character, keeps his "tots" in his pocket during lunch to save for later. Now, the fast-food chain Burger King is bringing back the movie's two main characters together for a commercial advertising their new cheesy tots.

Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez, who play Napoleon and his best friend Pedro reenact the lunchroom scene for the movie and it's literally identical to the film's version – and it's pretty damn awesome.

Brb while I drive to Burger King for these cheesy tots.


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