Woman Finds Bird Feather In McDonald’s Chicken Nugget

Let me just start off by saying writing this article is very painful for me because I am a huge McDonald's lover. But, I might be staying away from their chicken nuggets for a very long time – and by that, I mean possibly forever (however, all day breakfast is still on).


One woman found a bird feather inside of her chicken nugget. That's right, you read that correctly.

Celeste Sperry was enjoying her day, swinging by the McDonald's drive through to pick up everyone's favorite fast-food snack – McDonald's chicken McNuggets. While eating them, she discovered something weird inside of the nugget. And, it turned out to be a bird feather. Sperry posted a video to her Facebook page, which already has almost 200,000 views.

She wrote on her Facebook page:


"I WILL NEVER EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS AGAIN. Wtf McDonald’s?????? I just pulled a feather out of my chicken nugget at the Brooklyn Ohio McDonald’s !!!!"

And, she posted some photos to go along with the video.

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Several of her Facebook friends commented on the post saying how "disgusting" this is. Some even joked around that it is some "really fresh chicken."

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Sperry informed her friends that when talking to the manager, they responded saying, "that happens all the time the bones and feathers get mixed in."