McDonald’s Will Begin Delivering Food in 2017

Just when you thought your life couldn't get any better, this happens. Fast food chain McDonald's has announced the restaurant will begin delivering food in the coming new year. While the fast food giant will not employ delivery drivers in store, it will start delivering its signature food through a new, popular service taking over the food industry known as UberEATS.



UberEATS is a service that will deliver food from hundreds of restaurants from locations near you – or some, even far. If your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver, have no fear – UberEATS is here. The service will pick up your food, deliver it in under 30 min. and you don't have to tip the driver – similar to Uber.

USA Today reported that in select cities, the chain will begin utilizing UberEATS in January 2017. Basically, when you're too drunk to drive to the drive through, you can have someone deliver your Big Mac and fries to your bed. Isn't that what freedom is all about?



UberEATS has been rolled out in several big-name cities so far and has had outstanding reviews, so it's no surprise that a giant franchise like McDonald's would want to pair up with them. Although, this will contribute to the "Fat American" stereotype quite a lot.

Either way, I'm loving it.