“Friends” and “Home Alone” Have This Crazy Connection No One Ever Realized

The 90's brought us a lot of classics that we will forever hold near and dear to our hearts. Of course, while popular trends have come and gone, TV shows and movies have forever stayed. With Netflix and other streaming services in the picture, we can kick back and pretend it's 1993 all over again and re-watch some of our all time favorites.


But, the beauty of having modern technology in the mix with our classic TV show and movie favorites from the past is that we make new discoveries that we may never have noticed before. According to 22 Vision, the hit 90's TV show Friends and the hit 90's movie Home Alone have something in common – although completely different plot lines.

According to the YouTube video posted by 22 Vision, Monica and Chandler from Friends happen to move into a home in the suburbs in the last season of the show. And, it so happens that their house is all too familiar to 90's fans. In fact, it's the same house that Kevin McCallister lived in.

And, if those clues aren't enough to prove the theory, 22 Vision called the owners of the home, which is located in Winnetka, Illinois, who confirmed it's the same place.


The more you know!

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