5 Tricks to Free Up Space on Your iPhone Without Deleting Photos

Everyone has gone through the dreaded realities of exceeding the amount of space they have available on their iPhones. You don't want to delete your photos, you don't want to delete your apps – but, you keep getting that dreaded pop-up on your phone screen that yells at you about how little space you have left on your iPhone and in your iCloud account. Bummer.



Although you feel as though the world is possibly ending because you can no longer take selfies or download the latest Justin Bieber single – have no fear. There are some ways you can clear up storage on your cell phone without having to delete things that are super precious and meaningful to you – like the dozens of pictures you have of your pets.


One of the most popular ways to clear storage on your phone is by tricking Apple into thinking you're going to download a movie. Of course, the company will do just about anything to make money off of you, so even if you have no space left on your iPhone, they will find a way to clear your space in order to buy a movie. If you proceed to trick the system into thinking you're going to download the movie (just don't actually download it, because you'll defeat the entire purpose) then, it'll clear up about 3GB on your phone.



You don't really need to keep your texts forever. If you wipe our your text message history every once in a while, you'll clear up a lot of memory, especially if your conversations are filled with photos, GIFs and other multimedia – it'll give you some more wiggle room to clean them out once or twice a week. Besides, you don't need to be reminded what you sent your friends when you were drunk.


Delete those apps you never use, but keep around just incase. I'm sure you're barely playing half of the games you downloaded just to try out. If you use it not even once a week, just throw it in the trash. Surprisingly, even unused apps take up a lot of space on your phone. The more you delete, the more storage you'll have free.

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Clear your browser data (especially for all of you who are browsing late at night). If you clear your history and cache, you'll get yourself some extra space. Plus, you don't want people finding out what you're browsing through after hours, anyway.


Turn off background updates on your apps. Incase you didn't notice, if you have your apps updating in the background, it could put a strain on your phone battery and your data plan if you're not hooked up to WiFi when they decide to update. And, when you're out with only 10% battery left, the last thing you need is for Instagram to be updated.