Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship Might Be Fake

Toronto native Drake and Bronx bombshell Jennifer Lopez have been making headlines since going "public" with their relationship.


The two have been working on new music together and sources close to both parties were claiming that after a few weeks of working together in the studio, both Drake and J.Lo were absolutely "smitten" with each other and began to see each other outside of work.

Of course, the rest of the world had a lot to say, as J.Lo is a bit older than Drizzy (14 years his senior). But, age is only just a number when you're seeing fireworks with somebody. The two started having romantic dinners together, Drake began attending J.Lo's Las Vegas show quite regularly and, they even made it social media official.

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But, now people are slowly starting to believe that this relationship is completely fake and just a publicity stunt to promote their new music together. I mean, what better way to grab attention than to fake a romantic relationship in Hollywood? If that's the case, they're pretty clever.

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A source told Page Six that the relationship is, in fact, fake.

Completely false. A fabrication. Boom. We've all been played.

According to the same source, the two were indeed looking to cause some buzz around them for their new song and music video they are working on.