The Internet Is Obsessed With This Bath Bomb Proposal

When it comes to proposing, everyone is looking for the most creative, unique way to tell someone, "I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Although getting down on one knee and professing your deep, heartfelt affection for someone is usually the norm, people are now trying to do things that are completely unconventional and awesome.


Like, proposing with a bath bomb, perhaps.

Bath bombs have become super popular amongst women. The magical, floating balls of relaxation made a name for themselves after company Lush began creating numerous scents, colors and patterns to create your "zen" with. One boyfriend decided to be super unique and get his girlfriend a bath bomb for Christmas – and, while you think this may be a "cheap gift," there was something inside that was completely unexpected.




Say What?!


That's right – her boyfriend got her a diamond ring inside her bath bomb. That's one hell of a way to propose. And of course, the Internet lost it's sh*t over this unique gesture.

Have no fear ladies because now with Pearl Bath Bombs, you can get yourself (or suggest your significant other) gets you a bath bomb with a ring inside.