Kylie Jenner Got Her Own Birthday Wrong…Oops

Kylie Jenner has been making a brand for herself just out of her name. The 19-year-old has built a huge following after she launched her lip kits last year, and then from there, created Kylie Cosmetics, a makeup line that includes lip kits, eye shadow pallets, lip sticks, and other cosmetic items.


After her success with her makeup line, it seems Kylie learned her "brand" can make her a lot of income. With her millions of followers all across social media, she launched her own "Kylie Shop," which sells clothing, accessories and other items featuring her name, herself and her brand. She has become so successful, that Forbes named her on their 2017 "30 under 30" list – stating she's worth the "second most amount of money" in her family, next to sister Kim Kardashian. All of that at only 19-years-old.

But, it seems no matter how successful you may be, you're prone to slip ups every now and again.

Included in her "Kylie Shop" was a very sexy and seductive calendar. Kylie had done a photo shoot with photography Terry Richardson where she posed in lingerie, naked and doing some erotic things. Like, eating a cake topless.



Although the calendar has been a success and Kylie's made some huge profits off of it, she also made a slight mix up on the item. Her birthday is completely wrong on the calendar. Oops.

Kylie Jenner was born on August 10th, but, the calendar has her turning 20 on August 20th. It's just a slight mix up, however, fans definitely noticed.

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