Kylie Jenner No Longer Updating Her Own App After Controversial Post

Someone on Kylie Jenner's team is about to be in big, big trouble.


All of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters made headlines when they each decided to debut their own, individual apps last year. Each sister has an app, that corresponds with a website, that for a low price allows fans to access inside information, posts, photos and videos of their lives. The girls all have a say in everything that goes up on the apps, whether they are posted by their assistants and/or friends.

It seems that someone must have posted something without Kylie Jenner's permission, because she was not happy when she found out someone had published a blog post on her app discussing intimate details of her relationship and life with boyfriend, Tyga.




The unapproved post discussed intimate details of the relationship between Tyga and Kylie. The post was supposed to be "Ways Kylie Spoils Her Man," but, took a personal and intimate turn when the person who published the post wrote about Tyga and Kylie's sex life.

In the post, one of the bullet points read,

"Make your sex life fun! Spice things up with lingerie, toys and massages." 

The 19-year-old was less than pleased when she saw this was published under her name.

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She took to Twitter to apologize to fans and followers if they had gotten the wrong impression from the post and announced she would no longer be posting personally on her app anymore. Instead, she would have people from her team (such as her publicist and her personal assistant) or her friends post on the app for her instead. She assured fans they would "still be updated."

She also said she never saw the post that was published and it was one she would never, ever approve.