Kim Kardashian Is Making a Clear Statement Since Her Return to Social Media

Kim Kardashian has decided that her hiatus from social media would be over and done with as soon as 2016 left us. Since the New Year, Kim has decided to make her mark back on the Internet after a long three months.


The mother of two was the victim of a traumatic armed robbery in October and since then, decided to take a much needed break from her career, public image and social media entirely. Of course, without Kim being on every social network every few minutes, people assumed her life was falling apart.

Reports came out that the 36-year-old was going through a divorce, having issues with her family and trying to move away from her husband, Kanye West, with her two children. However, these accusations could not be more false.

Kim Kardashian made her comeback to the public world with an intimate home video on her website,


She then posted her first photo on Instagram since she had taken her three month hiatus from social media. The photo showed her family – Kanye, North and Saint – in a candid photo, all dressed in white. It was a statement to her fans and followers that her family is doing fine, better than ever, and that she was going to be putting them first.

She then followed this photo with another photo of her family – this time of herself and her son, Saint. The mother of two appears bare faced, with absolutely no makeup and her hair long and straight. Her 1-year-old son Saint is playing with her mother's long, sleek hair as both look away from the camera.

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She simply captioned the photo,

"my son ❤"

With all of Kim's social media posts since returning, it's clear she's making a statement – family is what is most important. She isn't worrying about work, rumors or the robbery anymore for that matter. Instead, she's sharing with fans and followers what is most important to her right now, and that is Kanye and her two children.