Kylie Jenner Plays Step-Mom to Tyga’s Son While on Vacation in Mexico

Kylie Jenner is sure getting the hang of this whole "step-mom" gig. The 19-year-old, who has been dating 27-year-old rapper Tyga for about two years now, has been very hands-on with Tyga's son, King Cairo.


Recently, the couple flew down to Punta Mita, Mexico with some friends with an intimate getaway, and brought King along for the fun. While away, Kylie has been extremely attentive to King, as paparazzi snapped several photos of Kylie playing with King and enjoying the vacation with her boyfriend's son.

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Kylie also posted an adorable video to her Instagram profile enjoying many of Mexico's beautiful amenities alongside Tyga and King. The three played around with animal tamers in Mexico as they fed a beautiful rainbow parrot. King is seen feeding the bird in the video, and then Kylie allows the parrot to take the treat from her lips.

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It's nice to see that although Kylie is still young, she is able to care for King Cairo as though he were her own. It's important in any relationship, when you have a child, that your significant other is able to bond and appreciate said child. I'm sure if Kylie were unable to connect with King, it would put a strain on the relationship with Tyga.