Rob Kardashian Posts Adorable New Photo of Dream Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is totally in love with being a first time father.



Aside from all of the drama between Rob and his fiancé, Blac Chyna, the new father of one is trying to put his best foot forward in 2017. The 29-year-old had a rocky end to 2016, after he and Chyna's drama nearly broke the Internet before Christmas. The couple was on the outs after Chyna's Instagram was hacked and leaked messages showed that she was "using" Rob for fame and fortune.

The couple hit a pretty big bump in the road after social media was on the edge of their seats, watching to see what was going to happen between these two – were they going to stay together or call it quits?

As it turns out, the drama hit a head when Rob's stress levels were at an all-time high and his health started to factor into the picture. Rob checked himself into the hospital with a Type 2 diabetes flare up and was under medial observation for 12 hours. Sources close to Rob claimed that the drama between he and Chyna was causing him to gain weight at an alarming rate. Rob turned to food as a "comfort" while he was continuously arguing with Chyna. This seriously affected his health, causing his diabetes to flare up.


But, after his hospitalization, Chyna swore to stand by her man no matter what. She began by making amends with Rob and the two moved back in together. The couple also began to go on hikes together, as Chyna and Rob both posted about the two hour New Years Day hike they did together.


Rob's new mentality is seriously for the best. The 29-year-old is focusing not only on his health, but his beautiful baby girl, Dream Kardashian. Rob's been posting photo after photo on Instagram of his daughter, showing that his priorities have completely changed since becoming a father.

He recently posted a new, adorable picture of Dream in a pair of overalls and a collared shirt. She looks just like Rob and is absolutely precious.

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