Kim Kardashian Addresses Robbery on New “KUWTK” Trailer

After months of silence, Kim Kardashian is finally speaking out about her October robbery. On a new trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim is seen in tears speaking to her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé about the incident that occurred on October 3rd.


Kim Kardashian was staying in Paris during Paris Fashion Week when five masked men broke into her hotel room disguised as Paris Police and held her up at gunpoint. The men tied her arms, gagged her and shoved her in the bathtub while holding a gun to her. The men ransacked her room and stole over $10 million in possessions, including a diamond ring her husband, Kanye West had given her.

Since the robbery, Kim has been silent about the incident. While her sisters have discussed her recovery in public appearances and interviews, Kim herself had not spoken out about the ordeal at all. She cancelled all public appearances and stayed off of social media altogether for the last three months.

Now, with a new season of KUWTK on the way, she will finally address what everyone has been questioning for months.

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Kim is seen in tears speaking to her two sisters in the clip, saying that she believed the robbers were going to "shoot her in the back." She looks extremely distressed and scared, as she turns to her sisters for comfort.



Her sisters both hug her and remain by her side, as Khloé discusses how close the Kardashian family has gotten this past year with everything that has gone on.

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With the robbery, Kim will also discuss the incident of Kanye West's breakdown and hospitalization. In the clip, Kim is seen in tears on the phone as someone calls her and she seems extremely worried, saying "please don't scare me, what happened?" Her mother, Kris Jenner, also looks alarmed as she admits she needs to go home immediately. Kim was in New York at the time of Kanye's breakdown and returned home in a rush to be by her husband's side.



The new season airs on E! this March, 2017.