Woman Gets Best Revenge on Cheating Husband & Lets Entire Town Know

When you catch your significant other cheating on you, you're always looking to take some kind of revenge on them. Of course, you are hurt, in pain and extremely disappointed – but you want to hurt them in a similar way that they hurt you. Not by sleeping with somebody else, but of course, by humiliating them the same way they had done to you.


One woman decided to let her entire town know that her husband cheated on her and she's getting her revenge. Linda from Warwick, England not only found out her husband was cheating on her, but told her entire town by putting fliers on every single lamp post she could find.

The poster read,


If she is so good in bed you can stay there!


Merc keys in canal

Locks Changed

Cards Maxed

Happy New Year, Linda xxx" 

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Looks like Graham is not only single, homeless and not getting his stuff back – but he's also poor and going to be in some serious debt. All the kudos to Linda, there is no better way to deal with betrayal quite like a good shopping spree with his money.

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