Couple Lives In Expensive Manhattan Loft Without Paying Any Rent

One couple is cheating the system in the biggest way possible.


Karen Nourse and Zachary Bennett live in an expensive Manhattan loft, and, as many people know – Manhattan's rent is no joke. Even a studio in the city will run you a pretty hefty bill. But, these two have found a way to avoid paying rent for the last six years. Yeah, it's like a scene right out of Friends.


But, the two live in a beautiful loft space in Chelsea on 26th Street in the Big Apple. While people probably think it's a great living space, it's not residential at all. This area of the city is filled with business offices, galleries and other commercial properties.

The building that the couple lives in is not residential and instead, hosts businesses. But, that's how the two have been getting away with their scheme. They couple were paying $4,754.02 in rent, but stop paying that in 2010 the New York Post reported. But, now, they owe the landlord $410,000 in rent and electric.



How did they get away with it?

There is a law in New York city called the Loft Law that is supposed to protect residents living illegally in commercial buildings, like this couple. The law was changed in 2010, when the couple decided to stop paying rent. Their lawyer claims,

"This building does not comply with the Loft Law.

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The owner is not entitled to collect rent and my clients are not required to pay rent."