Kourtney Kardashian Threw Mason & Reign The Coolest Birthday Party Ever

Kourtney Kardashian is winning mom of the year. The 37-year-old mother of three threw the most epic birthday party for her sons, Mason and Reign Disick. Kourtney posted about the birthday bash on her subscription based app recently, showing off how cool it is to be a Kardashian Kid.



Mason, who turned 7-years-old, told his mom he wanted to have a bad-ass, movie-themed birthday based on the film series The Fast and The Furious. And, Reign, who turned 2-years-old, probably just wanted to run around and play. Of course, Kourtney will give her children whatever they want – because, well, she can.

The party consisted of a backyard set up that was one for the books. Kourtney described the scene with Matchbox cars on all of the tables, a tricycle racing course (super cool) and a huge bouncy slide shaped like a truck. Their birthday cakes, of course, were in theme with both boys' favorite kinds of cars on top.

Kourtney said they even screened the movie in their backyard – because, why not?


“About an hour into the party we screened The Fast and the Furious on a giant blowup screen for whoever wanted to sit and watch it. Either way, it was fun background for the party.”


Is it me, or does anyone else wish Kourtney Kardashian was their mom?

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