Kanye West Shows Support For Kim Kardashian In Cutest Way

Kanye West  definitely loves his wife, Kim Kardashian. The two, despite rumors, are still married and doing "better than ever," since the start of the New Year.


The end of 2016 wasn't the easiest for the couple. Kim Kardashian was the victim of an armed robbery in early October. The 36-year-old was held up at gunpoint, gagged, bound and shoved into a bathtub by five masked men dressed as fake Paris police officers. The men assaulted Kim and made off with over $10 million worth of jewelry and possessions – including a diamond engagement ring that her husband had given her.

After the robbery, Kim completely changed her priorities. The mother of two went into severe hiding. She cancelled all public appearances, put her career on hold and stayed off of social media completely while she recovered from the attack.

Months later, her husband Kanye West suffered an emotional and mental breakdown. The rapper was on a nation wide tour for his album The Life of Pablo and exhausted himself. As well, sources reported he was misusing his medication that he had been on for years.



But, both Kim and Kanye are putting their rocky few months behind them and stepping out with a fresh start. Both parties have majorly changed their priorities and how they interact with the media and spotlight now. But, what they definitely show more now than ever is that they are each other's biggest fan.

Kanye was spotted supporting his wife when he was photographed getting into his car in Calabasas, California and his car freshener was something that looked all too familiar.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.28.48 PM

That's right – Kanye is riding around in his million dollar car with a air freshener of his wife's famous crying face. What more can you ask from your husband?

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