People Are Confused As to Why Kylie Jenner Has a Lump on Her Knee

Here we ago again – another day, another accusation of a celebrity photoshopping their pictures on social media. This time, people are judging Kylie Jenner after her boyfriend, Tyga, posted a photo from their vacation in Punta Mita, Mexico.


This isn't the first time that Kylie has been accused of photoshopping. Fans and followers – the million upon millions of them – are constantly wondering how her booty and breasts are always looking bigger and bigger with every picture she posts. Of course, there is the special apps and programs that can be used to enhance anyone's assets and of course, the fingers always get pointed at the 19-year-old social media sensation.

This time, however, it seems as though one of Kylie's legs underwent a little error in editing, as there appears to be a large lump on her right knee in the photo that Tyga posted.

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If you look closely, you'll see there's a large pump located on her right knee – and it left people a tad bit confused. Also, her leg does appear to look smaller than her left, which could possibly mean she did indeed photoshop the picture. But, how do we know for sure? We don't.


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Fans, however, made sure to leave their two sense.

Some fans commented saying,

"Her right leg looks thiner than the other"

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"Is that a nipple on her knee?"

"look at her knee"

"But that knee doh. she carried a bed bug all the from calabas lmaoo"

So, what is actually on Kylie's knee? The world may never know.