Here’s Where Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Took All of Those Stripped Down Pictures

Kim Kardashian is back on social media – for good it seems – but, people are hella confused as to what is going on in her new posts.


For three months, Kim has been completely MIA on social media. The 36-year-old reality TV star was targeted in a robbery attack by five masked men who dressed up as fake Paris police officers. The robbers were after Kim's lavish jewelry and possessions that she brought with her to Paris for Paris Fashion Week.

According to several reports, people were accusing the starlet of "bringing it upon herself," by "constantly flashing her possessions all over social media." For years, the Kardashians have not been shy about showing off their wealth online and Kim is no stranger to bragging about her fame and fortune.

Due to this, she completely strayed away from social media, public appearances and even took time off of her career completely. She wanted nothing to do the public eye or the spotlight at all. She spent the time "focusing on herself, her mental health and her family."



But, the New Year brought a newfound sound of hope for Kim and her family. The mother of two decided that 2017 would be the time she took back her life and made her long-awaited return to social media and public appearances. Three months felt like forever for fans and they were excited when she decided to return. But, she did not come back as the same Kim they knew and loved.

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Kim has strayed away from showing off anything of lavish luxury and instead, she is showing what really matters to her – her family. Long gone are her blinged out jewels, her expensive cars or her pricey outfits. Instead, Kim is only sharing photos of herself with her husband and two children, stripped down and fully natural. But, fans aren't buying the image. They think Kim is trying to appear "poor," to look cool and chic.


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Everyone has been wondering – where the f*ck did they even take these photos? Why are they living in this house and what happened to their Bel Air mansion?

It turns out, there is an explanation as to why they were here. According to TMZ, the place that Kim shared all the photos from was the home Kanye West was staying in after he was released from the hospital in December. Kanye was admitted into UCLA Medical Center for a mental breakdown and spent eight days there. After he was released, Kanye didn't want to return home to meet the dozens of paparazzi and media outlets that were waiting for him. Instead, good friend and music producer Rick Rubin let Yeezy stay at his Malibu home after his hospitalization to get his "mind right."

Of course, Kim and his two children, North and Saint West came with him to stay and Rick Rubin didn't mind one bit. .

Some may think that Kim is trying to appear poor for "aesthetics" and "vibes," but – it could be completely different. Maybe, Kim is trying to show that underneath all of the glitz and glam, her family is just like anyone else's. She loves her children and her husband just like any other mother and wife. She has been spending her time with her family, playing with her children, having breakfast with her husband – just like any other mother and wife. She was looking out for what was best for her family. And, we should be proud of her, not vicious.

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