Khloé Kardashian Reacts to Robbery Suspects Being Charged During Live Interview

Khloé Kardashian was put on the spot in an interview with E! when the reporter mentioned the suspects involved with sister, Kim Kardashian's, robbery being formally charged by French officials.


Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France during Paris Fashion Week. Five masked men broke into her hotel room and tied her up, taped her mouth shut and bound her arms and legs. They also held a gun to her head, threatening her if she didn't give them her possessions. They made off with over $10 million worth of jewelry and other possessions.

After 17 people were arrested this week, Paris officials have been reportedly cracking down on the suspects, trying to get them to admit their involvement. Michael Madar, long time limousine driver to Kim Kardashian was arrested, but later released after he was cleared. But his brother, Gary Madar, 27, remains in custody after police believe he is the one who leaked key information to the robbers.

10 people still remain in custody. The five suspects that robbed Kim Kardashian are reportedly from the ages of 54-years-old to 74-years-old. According to the police, some of those involved are among "France's most notorious villains." As well, two suspects in the robbery travelled to Antwerp, the diamond capital of Europe, to sell the jewelry that they had robbed from Kim.

Officials say that those still held in custody are beginning to admit, in detail, their involvement with the robbery in hopes to decrease their sentences if and when they are charged.


Now, TMZ is reporting that the first suspect involved in the robbery has officially been charged. The 63-year-old man named Yunice A has reportedly been charged by French officials. As well, three other men are facing complicity charges in connection with the robbery. Gary Madar, brother of Kim's limo driver is one of the three other men that are set to be charged. According to reports, he's being charged with "assisting an armed robbery and kidnapping." Information is important, folks.

The other two suspects are involved with assisting in the sales of the jewelry that was stolen from Kim's hotel room. Like Yunice, these guys are up there in age – one being 44-years-old and the other being 64-years old. There are still six suspects being held in custody and being questioned.

One of the suspects in custody is the man who is believed to be the one who tied Kim Kardashian up in the bathtub of her hotel room. After re-examining the hotel, officials found DNA evidence on the tape used to cover Kim's mouth and bound her hands and feet. His name is Omar. Reports reveal he is 60-years-old.

Khloé Kardashian found out while being interviewed by E! that there were four suspects being charged for being involved in her sister's robbery.

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After being told the information, the reporter asked Khloé how she felt and she responded,

"Well, I knew they took in, I think like, 14 yesterday or something like that … so it’s great to know three are charged … I don’t know if they’re charging more, I’m not sure … but it’s just disgusting that someone would rob anybody whether you’re the poorest of the poor … the richest of the rich, no one deserves to be treated like that. So, I think anyone should be accountable for the actions that they do. So yes, that brings definite comfort … I would love to know what their sentencing is."