Kim Kardashian Is Glowing As She Makes Her Official Comeback to Career

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Kim Kardashian is back and she's better than ever, showing fans that she won't ever let them down.

The 36-year-old had taken three months off from her entire life, including her career and all of social media after she was the victim of an armed robbery attack in Paris, France in the beginning of October. Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France during Paris Fashion Week. Five masked men broke into her hotel room and tied her up, taped her mouth shut and bound her arms and legs. They also held a gun to her head, threatening her if she didn't give them her possessions. They made off with over $10 million worth of jewelry and other possessions.



Kim Kardashian and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic had scheduled a makeup masterclass in Dubai for the second week of October. But, due to the circumstances, Kim cancelled the class and Mario issued an apology to those who had purchased tickets to attend. Daily Mail reported that the tickets were pricey – at $1,600 a piece to attend a six hour long masterclass to learn tips and tricks on how to perfect their Kardashian look. But, the high priced ticket allowed guests to meet Kim and Mario, also, get a special little bag of surprises.


Being the loyal person she is to her fans, Kim shared a Snapchat of her and Mario fooling around and in the background, mentioned the two of them going to Dubai. This means, those people who did spend thousands on tickets won't be disappointed – Kim is coming.


Kim can be heard saying in the video,

"You better suck it in. Those people coming to the Masterclass in Dubai do not want to see that."

And, this week, Kim was spotted in Dubai returning to business as usual. She arrived in Dubai with Scott Disick as paparazzi swarmed her with questions and accusations about the robbery and her return to the spotlight.

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And, she looked absolutely incredible.

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