Kourtney Kardashian Admits She May Not Trust Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may be back together – both romantically and living under the same roof – but, that doesn't mean she's forgotten everything that he's done in the past.


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The couple dated for over nine years, on and off, before they split in July 2015 over Scott's bad-boy ways and party habits. Over the years, Kourtney was disappointed by the way Scott handled himself and their relationship. Although they have never been married, the two have three children together and have spent the majority of their adult lives with each other.

Scott was going out binge drinking almost every night, flirting with several women who were not Kourtney, which of course won't sit well with his girlfriend. But, after their breakup, Scott vowed to win her back – and it seemed to have worked. However, Kourtney may be able to forgive – she isn't able to truly forget.

The mother of three recently tweeted something that may strike a chord with her baby-daddy, Scott.



There it is folks, loud and clear. When you're constantly screwed over by someone you love, no matter how many times you forgive them, you don't forget all the things they do wrong to you. Sure, Scott may have changed his ways – or tried to – but Kourtney is always going to be weary about whether or not she trusts him.

And, especially with new reports indicating that there may be more than just love between these two at the moment – and that may be another baby Disick.


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A close friend of the family told Radar Online that Kourtney is pregnant. That's right. According to the source, Kourtney had been trying to get pregnant with her fourth child ever since she and Scott got back together recently. The source also reported that these two are "definitely together," and not seeing other people at the moment.

Although neither party has confirmed the fourth baby, it's not a total surprise. Kourtney has spoken out about wanting a "big family," just like the one she grew up with.