Selena Gomez Poses in Nothing But a Thong on Instagram

Selena Gomez is making one hell of a comeback and she wants the world to know.


The pop star practically broke the Internet when people found out she and R&B singer The Weeknd were officially an item after pictures leaked of the two getting close, cozy and comfortable with each other.

That's right – these two pop stars are spending some time together and getting hella close while they do.


Apparently, this relationship has been happening for sometime. A source told Hollywood Life that there's more to these two than just a simple kiss,

“Selena has always been attracted to artists and vocalists because she finds guys like The Weeknd inspiring and relatable. She has a type of guy, and he is it! Selena and Abel share similar life issues and struggles too, so she really enjoys talking with him. Selena feels like that he’s a real gentlemen and she loves how he treats her like a queen when they are together.”

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But, there is definitely some drama brewing due to this romance. The Weeknd and Bella Hadid were together for well over a year before they split. Although they were the most adorable duo to hit the red carpet at fashion events and award shows – the two split paths at the end of 2016.

Things got a tad awkward when Bella Hadid landed her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and The Weeknd was scheduled to perform. But, the two claimed to be "great friends," after their breakup. Hadid was even caught on camera reminiscing about her ex, and celebrated his amazing performance after the show.

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She made sure to show love to her ex in an Instagram caption about the "amazing night," when she wrote,

"Thank you @theweeknd for being the best and most incredible performer on the planet. You KILLED it, as always 😍 ❤️"

Bella Hadid is not happy about Selena and her ex. How do we know? We have the pics to prove it – of course. Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez were friends – sort of. They rolled around in the same girl squad in the industry, with sister Gigi Hadid being super close to Selena's best friend, Taylor Swift. Of course, the two followed each other on Instagram, sharing likes and photos – maybe even tagging each other in the occasional meme.

But, now, Bella has unfollowed Selena on Instagram, making her statement.


But, she hasn't unfollowed The Weeknd just yet...


But, regardless of how Bella may feel about the situation, these two have been an item for quite some time. Or, since The Weeknd and Bella broke up – apparently, he's been chasing Selena for the last several months. It turns out, Selena is super into him, too.

And, now, the pop star is trying to make a big statement that she's back and badder than ever. Celebrity photographer Mert Alas posted this cheeky photo of Selena from a photo shoot, where she poses in nothing but a thong, showing off her backside. Damn girl, that's a lot of skin.

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