Kylie Jenner Has Raised Half a Million Dollars for Charity With Her Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner has become a makeup sensation over the last year. The 19-year-old created her signature lip-kits early last year and since she has debuted them, they have become a sensation across the Internet. Fans and followers were so crazy about getting their hands on them, that they sold out in mere seconds online.


Due to their incredible success, Kylie branched out from just lip-kits to creating an entire cosmetics line for her brand. Kylie Cosmetics not only sells her lip kits, but also includes glosses, lip-sticks, eye shadow pallets, eyeliners, blushes and bronzers now.  She even launched her own Kylie Shop, which features clothing and accessories that coincide with her brand and her image.


While Kylie is making a killing on her merchandise, she hasn't forgotten to give back to those in need.

One of Kylie's popular lip kits, Smile, has raised a lot of money – half a million dollars to be exact – for charity. Kylie had launched the lip-kit specifically to raise money for the charity Smile Train, which is an organization that helps children in developing countries with cleft lips or cleft palates. The charity raises money to perform surgeries on these children who cannot otherwise afford it.


Kylie launched the lip-kit in October which raised only $160,000. But, after she relaunched it recently, it raised over half a million dollars for Smile Train.

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Mom, Kris Jenner, was super proud of her youngest daughter and celebrated on Twitter.

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