Kylie Jenner’s Trying to Bring Back One of Our Favorite Trends

Kylie Jenner is a trend starter, for sure. The 19-year-old creates sensations just by sharing photos and videos on her social media feeds.


It all began with her signature lip-kits. She stepped out of her big sisters' shadows and created a brand all her own when she launched Kylie Lip-Kits last year and became a household name. The lip-kits were so popular, when she would launch them on her website, they would sell out in mere seconds. People were fighting to get their hands on these hot commodities. Now, Kylie has branched out from just lip-kits and created an entire cosmetics line. She has also launched her own clothing and accessories store online called The Kylie Shop.

But, Kylie isn't just about creating trends that earn her some solid cash – instead, she also likes to be a bit controversial and create trends that we all used to love, but almost forgot about.

Last year, Kylie brought back the signature Von Dutch brand that everyone was sporting in the early 2000's. Celebs like Paris Hilton were constantly seen out rocking the trucker hats and everyone just had to have one.



But, now Kylie decided to bring back something else from the 2000's that everyone wants back anyway – Juicy tracksuits. That's right. Remember how much you begged your parents to buy you Juicy outfits when you were younger? Everyone who was anybody was wearing them – with a pair of Uggs probably. 05 GettyImages-85798385

Even Kim Kardashian was rocking Juicy tracksuits at one point in time.


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But, while the brightly colored velour outfits may seem so 10 years ago – Kylie's creating a movement to bring them back. The 19-year-old posted this photo on her Instagram profile showing off her backside that read "Juicy."


She also wore this throwback outfit out and about as she shared some videos to her Snapchat profile walking around with her blingged-out rear.

Fans were super excited that Kylie was bringing back this old look, because, who doesn't love being in a comfortable sweatsuit all day long? I mean seriously, it's probably the most comfortable trend.