Caitlyn Jenner Has Been Helping Kanye West Through Recovery

Kanye West has been going through a pretty rough time over the last few months. The rapper suffered a severe mental and psychological breakdown in the end of November that landed him in the hospital for eight days. West was sent to the psych ward, where doctors and specialists helped him regain his sanity and get back on his feet, after suffering from sleepless nights, stress and insane exhaustion. At the time, West was coping with the aftermath of his wife, Kim Kardashian's armed robbery incident and also maintaining himself for his Saint Pablo Tour that was strenuous and grueling.


After the eight day stay in UCLA Medical Center, West was released and returned home with his family. However, he and Kim did not return to their Bel Air mansion. Instead, friend and producer Rick Rubin allowed Kim and Kanye to stay out at a home/studio he owned in California. Kim, Kanye and their two children spent some time there to decompress and allow them to have the privacy they needed during this time.

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While friends, family and loved ones were extremely supportive during this time in their lives, one person who was super supportive of Kanye was Kim's step-father, Caitlyn Jenner. According to new reports, Caitlyn was there for Kanye sincerely and was a "huge person" in his life while he was recovering from his hospital stay. Caitlyn was trying to tell Kanye he shouldn't be ashamed of having a slip up and that he's human, allowed to go through something and struggle.

Radar Online reported that Caitlyn was there for Kanye much more than Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, was after his hospitalization. Kanye felt that he could relate to Caitlyn more apparently, as she's been scrutinized in the spotlight for so long that her advice was heartfelt and genuine.


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