Khloé Kardashian’s New Boyfriend May Be Using Her For Fame

Khloé Kardashian seems to be happier than she has been in a long, long time. The 32-year-old has been dating NBA star Tristan Thompson who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their relationship seems almost too good to be true. The two, who met through mutual friends, have been together since the summer of 2016 and although their relationship is relatively new, mom Kris Jenner admits that Khloé spends a lot of time in Cleveland, even buying a home out there to stay when she travels to see her man play ball.


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Although Khloé seems to be blissfully in love with her boyfriend, it turns out that it may not be "true love." Sources are saying that Tristan is using Khloé and her family's name to get his own career boosting. Sure, Tristan Thompson plays for the NBA, but he's not a huge name such as LeBron James or Carmello Anthony – so endorsement deals are not as lucrative for him.

Sources told Radar Online that he does like Khloé, but he's also with her for "social media presence."

“He’s with her for her social media presence. Since he’s been with Khloe, his following has doubled, which means his endorsement deals will as well. t’s no coincidence that he upgraded from dating an Instagram model [Jordy Craig] to a reality TV star with more than 60 million followers.”


Sources say that Khloé's family is also concerned that Tristan just had a baby with his ex, Jordy Craig only a few months ago. Being a new father and being in the middle of the basketball season leaves very little time to spend with or on Khloé – which is why she's always jetting off to him, rather than him making the effort of coming to her.