Kim Kardashian’s New Movie Role Includes a Jewelry Heist

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Kim Kardashian stepped out alongside her sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner as they filmed a cameo in the new movie Oceans Eight. The sisters stepped out looking elegant and chic as they were in New York City filming for the highly-anticipated movie set to hit theaters in 2018.

The scene they filmed for apparently is a mock Met Gala – which of course, the sisters would be attending.


Kim was glowing as she stepped out in an all white, sheer, lace dress with a off-white fur jacket on top. Her makeup was minimal, but her hair was in its long, straight and sleek style that she's been constantly rocking since she stepped back out into the spotlight.

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Kendall on the other hand wore a silver and sheer dress with beautiful embroidery. She wore her hair up in a chic pony tail and also sported minimal makeup.

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Kim shared some adorable Snapchats to her Snapchat account with both her little sisters from set as she looked genuinely happy and enjoying herself.

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But, while the cameo may seem pretty small – there is some irony to the situation. According to Page Six, the Met Gala scene that Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner filmed for involves the theft of a high-end necklace in a museum bathroom. That's right – a jewelry heist.

Seeing as Kim was just part of a traumatic armed robbery for $10 million worth of her own jewelry, it seems a bit crazy that she would want to be filmed in a movie doing the same. That, or, she's showing that she's moving on from the past and she's ready to put it all behind her.

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