Kylie Jenner Forgets Girl Code & Hangs Out With The Weeknd

Kylie Jenner may be having some drama with friend Bella Hadid. The two have been good friends since running in the same young, famous and good looking Hollywood teen elite circle. Along with Kylie's sister, Kendall Jenner and Bella's sister Gigi Hadid, the two became good friends after partying together, doing some photo shoots and fashion spreads together and sharing a mutual love for fame and fortune.


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But, it seems as though there may be some drama between these two longtime friends after Kylie was spotted hanging out with Bella's ex, The Weeknd. Kylie was seen on Tuesday night spending some time with her boyfriend, Tyga, who decided to bring fellow musician The Weeknd along.

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The Weeknd and Bella were together for well over a year. But, although they were the most adorable duo to hit the red carpet at fashion events and award shows – the two split paths at the end of 2016.


Things got a tad awkward when Bella Hadid landed her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and The Weeknd was scheduled to perform. But, the two claimed to be "great friends," after their breakup. Hadid was even caught on camera reminiscing about her ex, and celebrated his amazing performance after the show.

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She made sure to show love to her ex in an Instagram caption about the "amazing night," when she wrote,

"Thank you @theweeknd for being the best and most incredible performer on the planet. You KILLED it, as always 😍 ❤️"

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But, after they broke up, it seems that The Weeknd was pretty quick to move on. In fact, he began dating pop star Selena Gomez not long after he split from Bella. Photos leaked of the two together last week, but, according to sources, they have been together for months.

Like any ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid is not happy that Selena Gomez and her man are getting close and comfortable together. She had high hopes that these two would get back together someday – still being in love with The Weeknd. But, after hearing about his new girlfriend – Bella Hadid had a strong message for both him and Selena together.

She took to Instagram to send a message, loud and clear.

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