Drake & Jennifer Lopez Took a Big Step In Their Relationship

Drake and Jennifer Lopez broke headlines at the end of 2016 when they began spending an awful lot of time together. The two, who are pretty far apart in age, allegedly were romantically involved after spending weeks together in the studio collaborating on new music. While outlets often speculate romantic relationships between two celebrities who spend time together, the two made it even more interesting when they began posting photos together and were caught kissing on video.


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The two also spent New Years Eve together, as Jennifer Lopez attended the club that Drake was performing at to ring in 2017. And, while spending New Years Eve together may seem like a pretty big step for a couple – they took an even bigger step recently when J.Lo introduced her two children to Drake. That's right – Drake met the kids.

Us Weekly reported this week that Jennifer Lopez has been bringing Drake home often and he's already met her 8-year-old twins, Max and Emme. The source told Us Weekly,

"Drake has been hanging out at Jennifer’s new house in Bel Air. He has been there several times and is getting to know her kids.”

That definitely seems a little more serious than just musicians working together on a song or two. Lets be honest – you wouldn't bring home someone to meet your kids unless you were considering getting serious with them. The inside source also added that Drake adores seeing J.Lo in her "mommy mode."

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"When he goes to her house, they get away from work and just chill on the couch, make dinner and watch movies.”

How adorable!