Everyone Caught Bill Clinton Checking Out Ivanka Trump At The Inauguration

With all eyes on Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration on Friday, there was bound to be some slip ups by some people attending. The 2016 Presidential Election was one that divided Americans apart more than anything else – maybe since the Civil War. Half of the country was on the side of Hillary Clinton, while the other half was on the side of Donald Trump. But, as Democracy goes, Americans have spoken and Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America.


At his swearing in on Friday, everyone who is important in politics – or Trump's politics – was in attendence. That includes Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton. Of course, everyone remembers Bill Clinton to be the President who got caught "cheating on his wife" while in office. Which, is an unfortunate thing to be remembered as. So, when people caught Bill Clinton checking out Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, at the inauguration – the Internet had a field day.

Don't worry – Hillary caught him, too.

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Here's that again – on video.


And, we can always rely on Twitter to give us some comic relief for those painfully embarrassing moments.

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