Jennifer Lopez Finally Speaks Out About What’s Going On With Drake

Everyone has been curious about what exactly has been going on with Jennifer Lopez and Drake. The two have been rumored to be canoodling behind closed doors after they started getting extremely close recently. While they are known to be collaborating on some new music together, they started drawing attention to their "budding romance" when they began to be seen together going on intimate dinner dates, at each other's shows frequently and even sharing some intimate photos on social media.


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I mean, come on, those two look pretty close and comfortable – you don't usually cuddle up next to a work friend the way these two are – or, maybe you do, but that's your business. The two were seen out and about frequently, spending New Years Eve together. And, reports indicated that Drake was even going to Jennifer Lopez's home and that she introduced the rapper to her two children – that's a huge step.

Sources indicated they would spend romantic nights in, cooking, watching movies.


"Drake has been hanging out at Jennifer’s new house in Bel Air. He has been there several times and is getting to know her kids.”

But, when EXTRA asked J.Lo just what the hell is going on between her and Drake, are they making music together – she played it cool as f*ck – because she is Jenny from the Block after all.

She said,

"We are – well, we did! We did one song together! I don’t know if we will do more – we will see!"

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Entertainment Tonight also got hold of the Latin singer and asked her what was going on with her new boo, to which she responded,

"He just asked me to do a song with him and that's what we've been doing."

So, there you have it. They're making music together. Possibly sweet, sweet love too, but that remains to be seen.

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