Taylor Swift’s Own Fans Are Attacking Her For Being a Fake Feminist

On Saturday January 21st, thousands of women took to the streets of cities across the United States to march for equal rights between men and women. In Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities throughout the United States, women took peacefully in crowds to "march" for their rights. Since President Donald Trump was elected and sworn into office, women everywhere have feared that they would lose their basic, fundamental rights, as Trump has spoken out about cutting several rights of women during his presidency such as contraceptives, women's right to choose, equal pay, and several others. Trump has also spoken out and been caught speaking out derogatorily towards women, one time even claiming he wanted to "grab a woman by the pussy."


With the thousands upon thousands of women marching for their rights, dozens of celebrities took to the streets to march, make public speeches and open up on social media about their pride in being a woman.

One celebrity who claims to be a feminist is Taylor Swift – she has been extremely outspoken about supporting women's rights and equal rights.


But, after so many celebrities took to the street of their town or city to support equal rights – Taylor Swift did not. Instead, she sent out a tweet on Twitter claiming to be proud of those who did, instead of actually doing it herself.


But, fans were not happy that Swift did not take part in any march, or any movement at all. They took it as Swift being a "fake feminist," and only speaking out about the movement in order to gain popularity and recognition. And, they took to Twitter to speak back to the pop star.