Blac Chyna Calls a Truce With The Kardashian Sisters After Name Trademark Battle

Blac Chyna has waved the white flag at the Kardashian sisters after they were bringing forth a lawsuit against the mother of two for trying to make money off of their family name. After Blac Chyna gave birth to her daughter Dream Kardashian with Rob Kardashian, she planned to use their famous last name to make a profit off of – as soon as she and Rob tied the knot. Blac Chyna tried to legally change her name to Angela Reneé Kardashian, but, knowing her financial intentions, the sisters filed legal paper work against Blac Chyna, ensuring she can't monazite their family name.



Apparently, Blac Chyna has officially waved the white flag of surrender to the Kardashian Army because she did not respond to the papers filed. According to the Patent and Trademark Office, because Blac Cyna never sent over an "answer" to their motion.

Daily Mail reported this week that after 30 days, if the party does not respond with an answer, the judgement by default goes to the person who filed the motion – in this case, the Kardashians. Basically, they won this time around.



The Kardashians believed, allegedly, that the family would "suffer damage including ireeparable injury to their reputation and good will," if Chyna were to trademark her last name as Kardashian. But, some sources reveal that the Kardashian family have trademark attorney's who are paid to make motions like this against anyone across the world who interferes with their name in business, therefore, claim the sisters may "not have even known," the lawsuit was filed against Chyna.

TMZ reported that the Kardashian family had reached out to Chyna saying the motion "wasn't personal, just business." And, regardless, Rob and Chyna have made no plans to get married anytime soon. Although the two were engaged in April and had their first child last year, they have not took the steps to preparing for their wedding day.