“Vanderpump Rules” Couple Getting Their Own Spin-Off Show

For all those Bravo fans out there that just can't get enough of their juicy, gossip and drama-filled reality TV shows – one of your favorite couples is about to get their very own reality TV spin off from the hit Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules.


Jax Taylor and his Kentucky belle, Brittany Cartwright, are getting their own series now on he reality TV network, according to new reports from TMZ.


If you're a fan of the TV show, you'd know Jax Taylor is not known to be a faithful and loyal boyfriend. But, since dating Brittany, the two have been pretty solid together. So much so, that recently, Brittany's mom revealed on Vanderpump Rules that Jax had come home to Kentucky to visit Brittany's family and they loved him. Now the word "marriage" is getting thrown around between the two.

And, cameras have been following them the entire time. According to reports, producers have been filming since Jax went to visit Kentucky with Brittany and her family. The show is essentially going to be focused around Jax Taylor's bad-boy ways and Brittany trying to get him to settle down – for good.



During the current season of Vanderpump Rules that's on Bravo, Brittany and Jax have had their fair share of problems. Jax had spread rumors that show-mate Kristen had "hooked up" with Brittany and the two participated in oral sex together – although Brittany denied the rumors. As well, Brittany had brought to Jax's attention that he can be often times disrespectful to her in public in front of their friends.

As well, Jax is not so excited about the idea of marriage just yet – which, is leading show producers to worry that before the series even hits Bravo, the couple may go their separate ways.


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