Scott Disick Reportedly Returning to His “Bad Boy” Ways

Scott Disick had reportedly returned to his "bad boy" habits of staying out partying all night and abusing alcohol and other substances, according to new reports. After the news of the reconciliation between Scott and ex, Kourtney Kardashian, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Disick would want to throw everything away, again.



New sources have indicated that Scott Disick is currently partying it up at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, both at clubs and in a house he had rented in the area. The 33-year-old was seen out partying at Tao Night Club until 7 a.m. and according to sources who are staying with him – he stays out all night and sleeps in all day.

Sounds like the very same Scott Disick that Kourtney Kardashian dumped a year and a half ago. The same Scott that caused their relationship to take a turn for the worst. It's sad to hear and see, because Kourtney had just begun to let Scott back into her life, as it's been reported the two are back living together after Scott put his house on the market for over $8 million.

With his relationship so close to being what he wants it to be again, why would Scott want to throw it all away? It seems strange that after longing to be back with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his three children that he would want to go back to the bad habits that caused their breakup in the first place. And, Kourtney must have felt that this day would come in her gut, because she has been open and honest about exactly how she feels.