How Much Money Can You Save by Vaping?

Vaping is becoming more and more popular among celebrities and us, the common folk. Today, one in twenty adults use a vape.

So you’ve finally debunked all the myths and made the decision to kick your smoking habit once and for all. But while the health benefits of cannabinoids in CBD vape juice versus the chemicals in cigarettes that coat your lungs are widespread, you may be wondering: is vaping cheaper than smoking? There’s a definite answer.

Why E-Cigs Are So Popular

Vaping is becoming more and more of an attractive option because of the sheer variety. Since 2007 when e-cigs hit the market, there are now more than 7,000 flavors and 460 brands – from the beginning, brand awareness boomed.

Not only that, but e-cigs were found to be slightly more effective at helping people quit smoking than nicotine patches. And being in public with an e-cig is far more socially acceptable now than a cigarette.

With all of these benefits, why would a new smoker turn to cigarettes instead of e-cigs? 

The Cost of Smoking

We can all agree that smoking cigarettes isn’t cheap, but much like a daily latte, the costs can add up. The cost varies by state, cigarette brand and the number of packs bought per day.

At a pack a day, the average smoker is spending approximately $2,650 on Marlboro Reds a year. This number can jump to as high as $5,000 in states with higher taxes. 

Cigarettes don’t last long, and vaping is more of a potent experience with dry herbs and e-liquid. So is the real cost of vaping lower when taking this into account?

The Variables of Vaping

Just like smoking, vaping has many variables that can bring the vape price as high or as low as you desire. The majority of these costs are upfront. Listed below are all the choices you can make and when determining just how much it costs to vape. They can cost as low as $5 and as high as $100 or more depending on quality and amount.

  • e-cigarettes
  • vape pens
  • box mods

And last but not least:

  • e-liquid 
  • dry herbs 

The Type of Device Matters

While the amount of cartridges a day you can use is 2, this number can rise as high as 3 or more depending on the type of device you use. This is because vapes with mods are higher powered and more efficient, and mod users tend to use more than non-mod users.

So depending on the device you buy, this directly effects the amount of e-liquid cartridges per month you use. 

For example, an e-cig starter kit can cost as low as $40 and include 10 e-liquid cartridges, while a box mod, tank and coils can start at $60. With the cartridges and extra coils included, the price can get as high as $500 per year. While on the high end, this is still incredibly less expensive than smoking. 

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking

Is vaping cheaper than smoking? Yes, hands down. In fact, when using a second hand device and budgeting for cartridges it is 80% cheaper and 95% healthier than smoking. 

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