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What is the Difference Between a Pod and a Vape?

The vaping industry has several vaping devices which can be consumed as per the desire of the users. In fact, there are so many devices introduced recently that sometimes all of them get overwhelming. To get you sorted out we will be discussing the difference between the pod vapes and mod vape devices. There are several differences which will help you to distinguish between the two. Pod vapes are smaller and can be consumed anywhere as it is easy to carry around whereas mod vapes are larger and used for more vapor production and can also be added with various flavors. To have a great experience, get access to top-class Breazy vapes online. 

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Pod Vapes and Mod Vapes which will provide a broader picture of these devices and their differences.

Advantages of Pod Vapes:

Discreet Products:

Pod Vapes are discreet products and can be used anywhere. They are smaller in size and can produce fewer vapors when compared to mod vapes. The devices are suited for beginners who are looking forward to experiencing vaping devices.


Pod Vapes are quite cheaper devices when it comes to vaping. As they allow less vapour and are small in size as compared to mod vapes their prices are low. 


One of the main reasons why Pod vapes have gained popularity is because of its portability. These devices can be carried anywhere and can be used to experience ultimate vaping anywhere.

Disadvantages of Pod Vapes:

Non Customizable:

These devices are not customizable like the Mod vapes. They come with prefilled pods and cannot be used to add various flavors.

Fewer features:

Several features like temperature, intensity control are missing on Pod vapes. These are simple vaping devices that can be used anywhere with minimal features.

Fewer vapors:

When using Pod vapes the vapor created is very less as compared to Mod vapes. Pod vapes being a small device allow limited vapor production.

Mod Vapes:

Advantages of Mod Vapes:

Powerful Device:

Mod vapes are powerful devices that allow more vapor creation and be used to add various flavors. Users can enjoy more vapor for a perfect experience while using these devices.

Increased flavor production:

The flavor that comes out of these vapes are maximized to give users the best vaping experience. You can add several flavors and have huge vapour production for ultimate pleasure.

Bigger Battery:

The Mod Vapes come with a bigger battery as they are huge vaping devices. These devices can be used several times without having to worry about the battery.


One of the most exciting features of Mod Vapes is that they can be customized as per the taste of the user. You can adjust the temperature to suit your liking and also increase or decrease the intensity of vapour. The customizable features make this device more demanding.

Disadvantages of Mod Vapes:

Expensive devices:

Mod Vapes are expensive vaping devices. They are backed up with the latest technology offering users endless customizable features such as intensity and temperature control. These devices are also very big when compared to pod vapes which makes it very expensive to own.

Consume more e-liquid:

While using the Mod Vapes the consumption of e-liquid is much more when compared to Pod Vapes. The e-liquid is the main ingredient in the vaping devices, which, when lit turns into vapour and can be consumed by users. Mod vapes have more vapor production which is why there is more consumption of e-liquid with every sip taken.

Difficult to use:

Unlike Pod Vapes these devices are huge and slightly difficult to use. Users have to hold the device very carefully before using to ensure nothing goes wrong. Though the vapors produced from these devices are immense, they are difficult to carry around.