5 Cigarette Accessories Every Cigar Enthusiast Should Have

5 Cigarette Accessories Every Cigar Enthusiast Should Have

Smoking cigarettes is one of the most popular and widely used methods of consuming tobacco. If you are a cigar enthusiast, it’s no doubt you are looking to improve your experience. To do so, you’ll need to add some cigarette accessories to your routine. If you are looking for the best cigarette accessories, look no further than these five items.

1) A Cigar Cutter

Use of a knife, scissors, or a blunt object is not acceptable for a cigar enthusiast because you can never get the same precision as a sharp cutter. Make sure to find a suitable cutter that fits your budget too. A cigar cutter is a must-have for any cigar enthusiast. A good cigar cutter can be collected, but it should still cut perfectly every time you use it. To guarantee this, make sure your cigar cutter has an adjustable cutting head that allows you to customize how wide the cut will be. It also doesn’t hurt if you get one with a built-in punch as well. Look for stainless steel blades or titanium-coated blades when searching for your perfect cigar cutter.

2) Torch Lighter

Torch lighters are much more powerful than standard lighters, and a new torch lighter will make all your smoking dreams come true! This lighter produces five times more heat than other lighters, which means you’ll never again have to take life’s little disappointments out on your poor lighter. It also features a huge tank, so you won’t have to refill constantly during your smoke session. What is even better is a torch lighter never needs refilling with gas! The butane cartridge does all the work for you and lasts up to 300 lights per cartridge.

3) Air Purifier

Having a cigarette is a luxury in itself, but having an air purifier means you can enjoy your cigarettes without the guilt! An air purifier filters out all the harmful toxins and chemicals that are present in secondhand smoke. An air purifier has been specifically designed to eliminate the smoke smell from everything, including carpets, furniture, walls, etc. It also comes with a USB port, so it can be easily recharged from any USB cable plugged into the wall.

4) Ashtray

An ashtray is an essential cigarette accessory; every smoker should own one. Ashtrays provide a sturdy surface to rest your cigarettes on top of while keeping the butts neatly contained. They also keep ashes off the floor (or furniture), making cleaning up after you smoke that much easier. There are thousands of different types of ashtrays to choose from.

5) Humidor

This is one of the most popular cigarette accessories and for a good reason. Since you won’t smoke at once, you will need somewhere to keep your cigars fresh until they are ready to be lit up! A humidor will keep your cigars fresh by maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels to ensure they never dry out or go stale. If you are someone who enjoys different types of cigars throughout, having a humidor means you can continue storing them in their optimal conditions even when you take some out to smoke.

Whether you are looking for a cigarette accessory to make your life easier or simply want something to spruce up your living room, these five items are the perfect place to start. Designed with smokers in mind, these products provide convenience and style that can’t be beaten!