Rewire Your Thoughts To Grow Past A Traumatic Experience

Rewire Your Thoughts To Grow Past A Traumatic Experience

Traumatic experiences are different for everyone.  So is the way we process them.  For many, a traumatic experience comes in the form of a divorce or life-altering experience like the passing of a loved one.  For others it could be a robbery, break-in, or even something far worse.   Maybe the trauma happened to you directly, or maybe you were a witness to one.  Either way, you need the time, and more importantly, the tools to heal.

While the experience may be different, the definition of trauma itself is not is not.  A traumatic experience is one that elicits an emotional response to a terrible event.  Denial, shock, and emotional shutdowns can follow a traumatic event.  It can also lead to everything from emotional responses, like mood swings or flashbacks, to physical ones, like headaches or nausea.  This is why it’s essential that, once one experiences a traumatic event that we take the time to heal properly and work through it.  

Enter Rewire Therapy, an online platform designed by medical and integrative care professionals that enables you to heal from a traumatic experience.  Unlike traditional therapy, which works with a survivor’s “cognitive perception” of trauma, the Rewire Therapy process is different.  Simply put, it’s an approach to healing that focuses on working with the trauma affected nervous system.  Rewire Therapy uses somatic and expressive therapies, including Trauma-Informed Yoga, Qigong, Vagal Toning, and others in the healing process.

“Many survivors experience less frequent and intense emotional triggers after practicing Rewire Therapy’s exercises,” says Tanya Zajdel, a Psychiatric Nurse and the Founder of Rewire Therapy.  “In my own trauma healing journey, I discovered most therapists are not trained to recognize and work with a frazzled and burnt out nervous system.  This is odd to me, because, often just talking about a trauma in therapy triggers the fight/flight/freeze response which causes the speech area of the brain to shut down. This is why our process is so essential to healing.”

The company offers a complete trauma toolbox and cutting edge programs designed to make a significant impact on healing in 10-20 minutes per day.  By combining proven therapies into a complete program that is both portable and accessible, the company has created a platform that is totally user-friendly.  Through science-backed modalities, and some of the best practitioners from around the globe, this company has already made a difference in literally tens of thousands of lives.

In addition, the company’s focus on wellness puts it at the forefront of the behavioral health community.  Their practical strategies are easy to implement on a daily basis and are, in many cases, fun to do.  This is combined with theoretical modules designed by certified practitioners in trauma treatment to empower a journey to wellness and the ability to literally live your best life.