The Journey Of A Lifetime: How Saving My Mother’s Life Helped Change The World

The Journey Of A Lifetime: How Saving My Mother’s Life Helped Change The World

Balance in life and balance health have always been two things that I am passionate about.  Changing the world is another.  If you don’t know who I am already, let me introduce myself.  My name is Inesa Ponomariovaite and I am a humanitarian, holistic health coach, and the CEO and Founder of Nesas Hemp.  That is who I am today, but my story actually begins many years ago.

As a child, I was in and out of the hospital.  I was very sick with many health issues.  It was an extremely challenging childhood.  While other kids my age were going to play or have a sleepover, I was going to a doctor or a hospital.  My health problems included lung and kidney issues. I was literally miserable.  Some doctors said there was no hope for me.  Over the years, it got worse. More pills, more procedures, and still more bad news.  

Then came what was probably the hardest decision of my life.  Our mother asked us if we wanted a better life and more quality food.  While this doesn’t seem like a hard answer, choosing a better life and better nutrition was, in fact terrifying.  To do this, our mother would have to leave us.  Otherwise, we would stay as we were, never improving.  Together, my brother, sister and I chose the better food which came with a very, very high price.  In exchange for my mother working more, I had to basically raise my siblings.  I was also working at the time and literally every penny I made went into our family budget so we could survive.

I realized as a teenager that if I didn’t take my health into my own hands, I would never get better.  So, I did my homework.  I changed my diet and experimented with different herbal teas and things like that.  I noticed small improvements.  Each improvement gave me the courage I. needed to change something else.  This gave me the motivation to continue my holistic health journey.  I was a very happy person for a short time; that is, until my mom called one day and told me she had terminal cancer and approximately six months to live.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  One minute I was in Chicago and happy. The next morning, I was back in Lithuania, racing to save my mom.

My mom said she was dying, I told her she was not.  “Cancer has a lot of solutions, and because it happened to us, we’re going to help the world be a better place,” I told her. That was the moment I realized my real purpose in life.  I saw myself not only saving my own mother, but so many others as well.  I made a deal with myself.  I would save my mom and I would save as many of them as I could as well.  Today, my mom is healthy and cancer-free.  It was a hard journey, but we beat cancer – my way.  Since that day, I have spent literally thousands of hours helping others and on cancer research.  This is truly my biggest passion in life.  I was able to save my mom and after just four months she was diagnosed as cancer free.  It was at this point that I really started helping people and sharing my message and my knowledge to a wider audience.   This was the genesis of my consulting company, Nesas Love To Live.  

Nesas Hemp came next.  I started it after I travelled around the world looking for the best products. I found that most CBD products either weren’t organic, weren’t grown in pure soil, or had toxins that weren’t meant to be consumed.  I had products tested and they failed.  Instead of getting more answers, I got more questions.  It reached a point where I simply couldn’t believe people were putting these products in their bodies. After travelling state to state and around the globe, it became abundantly clear that I simply had to do this myself.   Knowing that people use CBD for anxiety, CBD oil for pain, and so many other diagnoses meant doing it right.

Doing it my way meant creating my own beyond organic, proprietary soil.  It’s toxin free, metal free, mold free, and so pure.  Then there are my plants.  I call them my children because I nurture them the same way we nurture our families.  They are alive and they give life.  My job is to help them grow, to nurture them, and to preserve them.  At Nesas, we also have a proprietary extraction process.  To get the best oils and healing compounds, the plants must stay alive throughout the entire process.  It’s amazing to me that most of the industry is doing the exact opposite of what we are doing at Nesas.  When all of this is done properly, 100 percent by hand and not by machine, the medicinal power of the plant is incredible.

We’re the only company in the CBD space to produce a beyond organic product that is certified organic.  But for me, that certification isn’t enough.  My criteria are so much more stringent.  That’s why we are, literally, beyond organic.  We’re also the first company to get the Certification of Safety Seal from the FDA registered ACS Laboratories.  This means so much and it’s a true differentiator.  But not our only one.  

While other companies test their products minimally and for very few things, we test our full spectrum CBDa products continuously by the batch.  It’s significantly more expensive, but I believe our clients deserve the most accurate information about what they are buying.  It all goes back to my original goal – to help others heal and to make this world a better place.  From my perspective, it can only get better if we are helping people not tricking them into believing they are getting a product that simply isn’t what they think it is.

My journey to health started in Lithuania when I was a child.  Today, I am not only a U.S. Citizen, but also a health coach, humanitarian, and an entrepreneur.  I’ve come so far, but there is still so much work to be done. I’m on a mission to make a difference.  To some this may sound silly.  To others it may be overwhelming.  To me, every day I am achieving my goal of simply making a difference.  That’s the one thing I care about. That’s what drives me.  That’s what makes me smile each day, and that’s what makes this entire journey worth it.