Developing Professional Relationships

Developing Professional Relationships

Judge Napolitano knows that building professional relationships play a crucial role in career growth. However, most people overlook the need for networking and association. Some relate such a move with awkwardness and dependency.

Despite all the negative connotations linked to networking, it involves developing lasting professional relationships. This helps to build an excellent business reputation. Support and trust are elements of good networking, and the people involved in such connections benefit from each. Networking is based on the principle of sharing rather than taking. Below are ways in which strong network connections enhance career growth.

Boost Business Connections

Since professional relationships are two way traffic where both parties benefit, it becomes easy to achieve set career goals when you are working together. Furthermore, each party strives to create a stronger bond by presenting their counterparts with opportunities. This kind of mutual help leads to a permanent business bond.

It Helps Generate New Ideas

A network is an excellent source of fresh ideas. That’s because the parties involved create a platform for exchanging information on experience, challenges, and goals, all of which are vital aspects of networking. Most professionals love it, especially when asked for help. It makes them feel valued and will go a long way to provide the insight needed.

Build an Excellent Reputation

Having a good profile is the gateway to success. Through networking, skilled individuals get to attend professional social and events, which exposes them to potential customers.

Additionally, they build a name for themselves by being supportive and coming up with useful information. Again, building one’s profile within professional circles gives one an upper hand among employers who are always searching for better skills.

What’s the Impact of Strong Professional Relationships?

Most successful people worldwide, such as Judge Napolitano, have advanced their careers in different sectors by building network connections. He’s an American and popularly known for his excellence as a judge, Fox News analyst, not to mention that he’s a successful author of political books.

Napolitano is what we call a ‘Jack of all trades’, but he owes his success to networking. Having served as a judge for years, he resigned in 1995 to concentrate on private practice, and he is still investing heavily in professional relationships.

According to him, that’s how opportunities come knocking his way. His passion for building relationships has compelled him to engage in different activities, including teaching, writing, and even started a TV career. From 1989 to 2000, he became an adjunct professor for 11 years at Seton Hall University School of law.

The judge points out that it’s through building connections he has excelled in everything he lays his hands on. However, developing and maintaining professional relationships calls for dedication.

Napolitano started the journey by understanding his relationship needs and weighing the value such bonds would add to his professional life. He insists involved members must have superb communication skills, collaboration, and problem-solving skills for the relationship to last. Also, the parties need to work on their emotional intelligence to support their strong community.

Taking Breaks During the Work Day

Taking Breaks During the Work Day

Recent research has shown that sitting stagnant for long periods of time is difficult on the human body. According to Better health Channel, sitting stationary for multiple hours in a row, can be just as dangerous to the human body, if not more than, smoking. Due to health risks of staying at one’s desk without movement for a long period, Diego Ruiz Duran takes multiple breaks throughout the workday. Duran will leave his workstation every hour for a few minutes, to increase blood flow, increase metabolism and reduce severe health risks associated with cardiovascular disease. Taking multiple breaks from a work station throughout the day has also been known to improve one’s anxiety / depression disorders, improve body mass index (avoid weight gain) while improving one’s overall health. Heart Disease and Major Cancer types have been linked to those individuals who hold stationary positions as their main career focus throughout their life.

There are many reasons why individuals in a typical office environment should take multiple breaks. As listed previously, it can assist in avoiding major health concerns as a result. However, taking multiple short breaks throughout the day can also increase brain functional and development. When the brain has time to be removed from a computer screen multiple times throughout the day, screen fatigue can be avoided. Thus, the human brain can interrupt information clearer when resumed.

A well-known Japanese automobile manufacturing company uses this method across all levels of employment. Every few hours, an announcement is made, and employees are strongly encouraged to participate in the company-wide stretch time. This is to help keep employees motivated and energized at the task at hand, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is stated that the average person should walk 10,000 steps per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If one spends 1/3 of their day sitting at a desk, it will be difficult to average the recommended 10,000 steps per day. However, if one takes multiple small breaks throughout the work week, this can easily be accomplished. Reaching this 10,000 step recommendation can also be made easier when the employee: parks away from the office door entrance, walks the long-way to the restrooms, and even takes small detours when fetching a glass of water or a copy of the printer machine.

Multiple breaks throughout the workday have many health, emotional and social benefits in the workplace. Besides helping in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can also assist in nutritious social life as well. Human beings were made to have interaction with one another throughout their lives. When employees take multiple breaks throughout the day, this provides many possibilities of small talk, greetings, and other communications related to the company, location, job at hand and other common, socially acceptable topics. Employees should participate in multiple, small breaks throughout the day to increase work effectiveness, brain function, blood circulation, reduce possibility of severe long-term health concerns and social-norm queues just to name a few.

Spending Time By Yourself

Spending Time By Yourself

Father George Rutler knows that the world is a busy place and it seems to keep on getting busier. There are more demands on time, work, and things that don’t give pleasure to people. Living in this lifestyle can make a person feel stressed, even more than they have been before. Living in this lifestyle can foster mental illness such as depression since demands on a person’s time and energy seem to have peaked. Some people don’t see any way to relieve this type of stress with all that is going on around them. Many need to spend time by themselves. Not being alone, but by spending time without others around and giving themselves a change to breathe.

Spending time is not being alone, but being separate from others for a period of time to accomplish a few things. One of those things that become accomplished by being separate from people for a while is that a person is allowed to just decompress from all the demands that life can put on them. It is valuable for a person just to get away for a while to allow themselves to just “be” without people needing anything from them. It is a good thing to allow a person to let their stress be alleviated for a period of time so they can recharge and let their minds settle without thinking about the next thing they have to do for someone else or their family.

Many people have jobs that require their constant attention, everyday, to some detail that demands their time. This is stressful, and that can lead a person to not feel very good about themselves. They need some time, and it may be quite significant, to just be left alone without the demands of others. It’s not that they want to be away from the rest of the world forever, but for the time being they just want to get away.

Spending time away from others can be an absolute blessing not only for the person who needs the time away, but for the people who usually need the attention of that person. Those that constantly give attention and time to others often feel that they are suffering emotionally. They feel bouts of depression, and that can affect their work, and their family life. Being away from others for a period of time can heal.

Healing a person emotionally or just giving them a change to recharge in this way can lead to healthier relationships. The person doing the recharging will feel that they can handle the demands upon them better. They won’t feel resentful that they have to give more of themselves to someone else.

Just watching TV like Father George Rutler is a great way to let a person just relax and be by themselves. It gives them a chance to think of other things that are enjoyable and maybe not really thinking at all. Just being able to sit and watch some TV shows or cooking can be very therapeutic.

Importance of Giving Back

Importance of Giving Back

Robert Ingersoll said “We rise by lifting others”. A community can benefit from good people that make it their life mission to set aside their own wants and desires just to uplift others. Shalom Lamm is a great example of someone who could have just gone to college, built a career and left it at that. Yet, it was the Jewish whose call he answered. A call from beyond the grave and through the tears of their families.

Shalom Lamm’s Heart for Community

Lamm earned a degree in Philosophy from Yeshiva University in New York City and from there established a career in real estate. Later, he earned a Masters in U.S. Military History at American Military University in Virginia.

He was touched by Jewish families who lost loved ones in WWII and were never properly buried. Out of this tragedy, Operation Benjamin was born. Operation Benjamin “ensures that the fallen heroes are buried under the Star of David.” The non-profit organization has been running successfully and there is no cost to the families that it helps.

Operation Benjamin

Jewish burial under the Star of David is crucial to Jewish faith. Jewish soldiers that have fallen were never given their proper burial. 

For generations, Jewish families had to sit with the sad fact that their loved ones were incorrectly buried. Operation Benjamin, through accurate and sharp genealogical research, have succeeded in changing the grave markers of all Jewish soldiers buried under crosses “but there could be hundreds more.”

Operation Benjamin is not the only volunteering Lamm is doing. He and his wife Tina “created an initiative” that delivered thousands of nonperishables to Jewish communities in Kiev and during the pandemic of 2020, he urged safety first because of the coronavirus claiming lives and the importance of still having museums available for educating the masses.

Giving back may not be wildly popular but it yields benefits for humanity and Lamm understands this. Others like Lamm understand this concept as well. When a community suffers and has no answers, sometimes it is one person who has the idea to give back, whether it is food or help for paying others’ rent. It will spark a warm kindness in their hearts. It doesn’t take much. Kindness can begin with one person handing out canned goods or helping single parents. It can inspire a nation.

Lamm is one of many examples of the “quiet hero” But anyone could be if they see the value in the act of kindness, and he may not want others to sing praises of him, but just the act of giving back will never go unnoticed by those who are helped.

What to Know About Today’s Media

What to Know About Today’s Media

Judge Napolitano knows that in this day of age regarding the media, numerous benefits come from the continuing rise of digital media, considering the convenience of tuning in towards these digital media outlets. With that said, as the United States has an on-going problem regarding the dividedness of its people, many attributes to what’s being promoted through popular digital outlets. As people, in general, have grown to distrust mainstream media outlets, a lot of these same people have looked into independent news outlets rather than the media conglomerates.

Although many independent news outlets have stepped up to become legitimate sources of information, there are news outlets, which many of which are on video-sharing sites like Youtube, which have contributed to spreading false reporting. To which in some cases, some of these outlets have openly promoted extremism to a degree.

Sites like Youtube, for instance, have been argued as a safe-haven for radicalized content. After all, it only takes one video to be viral, to which that video can influence a vast number of people who view it.

Many of these outlets who spread false information justify it by preaching an extreme ideology, whether their perspective is on the left or right side of the political spectrum. One of the biggest reasons why false information spreads throughout the internet is the feeling of being misrepresented by mainstream media. That’s because social media makes it much easier to get any type of news information across when it’s uploaded to the internet, where the entire world can see it.

“Today’s news consumer has to do a lot more detective work in order to assure one’s self you’re being informed by legitimate news and information sources,” stated Phil Napoli during an interview.

“There’s more information than ever but people still want journalists to make sense of it for them. They still want us to hold power accountable. They just want to make sure we’re not biased in doing it.”

People need to realize that not everything about today’s media is bad. As it’s mentioned before in this article, the convenience of receiving news through social media platforms is positive to some degree. It’s worth noting that the concept of independent creators in today’s media has risen also. Years, some people wouldn’t believe that ordinary people can be a part of the media and deliver content themselves. Youtube is a great example, as many independent figures made their fame through Youtube’s independent platform.

In conclusion, people need to get the News from a source they can trust.

Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

A college education will allow a student the chance to advance their skills and they will gain more knowledge. In college, a student can specialize in a specific field and they will be able to do something they are passionate about. The only problem is that college tuition is not cheap. It costs several thousand dollars a year for a student to attend college. It is essential to begin to save for college as soon as possible. While a child is still young and even in the toddler stage, a parent should begin to save for college.

Benjamin Cory Harow knows the importance of saving for college and making sure that children have the chance to get a proper education. When his children were very little, maybe around a year old he began to save for his children’s college expenses. He did this so that his children can have a chance at an education in the future and the savings that he had put away would help pay off their tuition.

Harow was able to put a little aside at a time for his children. He did not have a great deal of money to put into savings at the time. Small children are expensive. Every little bit helps. Even something as $10 a week will help in the future. it is important to begin saving when the child is young. If a parent starts just after birth and puts a small amount away, it will add up to over 18 years. Ten dollars a week times eighteen years will add up to a significant amount of money. Every little bit will add up and will reduce the amount of money that a student needs to come up with.

There are many ways to pay for college. There are student loans and personal loans that the parents and students can take out to cover the tuition bill. While this can be helpful at the time these loans do need to be paid back and there will be interest added. Many young adults are struggling to pay back their student lean due to the high amount of money that needs to be repaid. If a parent has been saving for years the student will not have to borrow as much money. If they still need to borrow money it will be much less than their parents have saved for them.

It is important to begin to have savings for college early to help reduce the debt and the financial burden from higher education. A college education is needed to get a good job and a job that there may be additional levels of security. If a parent is able to set up a savings account for the child and they do it early in their life by the time they get to college they will have a nice amount of money saved up. This will help make sure their tuition is paid.

My Favorite Things About Princeton

My Favorite Things About Princeton

Reading and Grand Achievements

Alexander Djerassi has a list of favorite items to boast about in terms of students, Princeton and the many enjoyable aspects of this outstanding educational experience. He is known to have a love of reading and a grand list of achievements under his belt. Princeton is a favorite topic for him because it has so much to offer. This private university is spectacular and it is an enriching experience. The history has been evolving since 1746 and it is one of the oldest institutions around.

Things to Love About Princeton

There are so many things to love about Princeton. The educational opportunities are stimulating and reach beyond the average expectations. Djerassi, a lawyer, has been known to rave about the ideal environment for intellectual, intriguing and engaging encounters which are in abundance. All students are vividly shaped by this outstanding educational experience because many gaps are eliminated in terms of governmental agencies. Higher education has been made affordable and students do not miss out on a day of learning because funds and scholarships have been made available to enhance opportunities and ensure successful outcomes. The following things have made Princeton an outstanding educational and engaging opportunity:

* there is a reduced student versus instructor ratio

* engaging relationship opportunities

* individualized learning opportunities

* there is an emphasis on independent study styles and success

* it is a welcoming and successful environment

* the powerful sense of community

* more

Princeton has so much to offer and is an outstanding environment which allows individuals to excel and reach their goals. The opportunities lead to long-term excellence which enhance life and professional opportunities.

A Calm Learning Environment and Enjoyable Events

The calm and quieter learning environment adds to the entire educational opportunity. The many enjoyable events give students memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The engaging activities, the vivacious organizations and the powerful team spirit creates exhilarating opportunities to bond with others in mesmerizing ways. The very high-ranking graduate programs blend together nicely with the added activities and opportunities. The entire Princeton experience is filled with stimulating courses, extraordinary activities and so much more.

A Captivating Chapel

Princeton provides more than learning, events and activities. Education can include spiritual comfort and incorporate a spiritual connection with the Princeton University Chapel. Students and staff have the opportunity to relieve some of their own stressors by reflection and spiritual guidance. The chapel offers regularly scheduled events to accommodate those who would like to blend their education in with their spiritual side. Worship services tend to keep life in balance for students and staff. Choir and music tend to be very soothing and provide an outlet from studies.

Nature and Battlefield State Park

The Battlefield State Park allows students to breathe in some nature as they are embarking on their education endeavor. The superb architecture instills a powerful sense of awe and the added history further tickles the imagination. The opportunities are endless and engaging with nature is part of the educational experience for many.

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Helen Schifter is a former editor at Hearst and Condé Nastas as well among other professional titles. She believes in having a healthy body and staying strong, which is why during the current pandemic, for most people that necessitates home gym equipment.

It’s just too risky to go to the gym. Alternatively, it’s just as risky to stay home and park in front of the boob tube binging on Netflix.

Pandemic or not, the body needs exercise. Which is why the former arbitrage trader on Wall Street recommends many of the following pieces of home gym equipment.

Resistance Bands

Those wanting a great workout but don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands on exercise equipment might well start with resistance bands.

Resistance bands are made of latex or synthetic rubber and come in a variety of resistance levels. There are resistance bands that just provide a mild workout to those that would challenge a championship bodybuilder.

The first advantage of resistance bands is that they are cheap. A great pair of resistance bands will cost $30 or less.

Second, the chance of injuring yourself is very limited. Unlike many pieces of exercise equipment, the resistance provided by the bands is slow and steady.

Finally, resistance bands are a go-anywhere piece of equipment. It’s easy to take them to the park or pack them in a suitcase while traveling.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Everyone knows that to keep the body healthy and limber, exercisers need cardio. After all, during the pandemic, even the beaches, parks, and trails may be closed for exercising.

Obtaining a good cardio machine is not a matter of firing up a computer and ordering on Amazon. It’s possible to ultimately order from a source like Amazon, but there is no substitute for trying out the equipment at a sports or exercise store.

Treadmills and Stationary bikes go from roughly $200 to $1,000 or more. However, savvy shoppers can snag some pretty nifty cardio equipment for around $350.

Before buying, however, shoppers should test out the equipment for a good 15 minutes.

A good rule of thumb is if you cannot test a cardio machine in the store, don’t buy it.

Shoppers should be looking for a quality machine that seems comfortable and seem to be well made. Sometimes an extra $150 or will be necessary to buy that quality, but often a mid-priced machine is just as well made.

Alternative Cardio–Jump Ropes or Dancing Exercise Videos

Those wanting a cheaper alternative may go for the boxer’s favorite, the jump rope, or alternatively a dance video.

There are numerous, high-energy dance videos on the internet for free by connecting a computer to a television. Dance exercise is fantastic cardio that is fun. Just make sure to wear good shoes.

The alternative is buying a great jump rope. Noticed the highlighting. Exercisers will want a premium jump rope with steel coated handles, ball bearing assist, and be sure the rope is made of quality, weighted material.

Helping the Less Fortunate During a Pandemic

Helping the Less Fortunate During a Pandemic

Diego Ruiz Duran as well as anyone could not have anticipated the ongoing global effects of COVID-19 or the trickle-down effect it would have on the workforce. The pandemic has stunted the world in many ways – from mass layoffs to record evictions and foreclosures. When the pandemic hit, nothing could have prepared those affected most for what was to come and the long-lasting issues that will continue even when the world goes back to normal.

More people are finding themselves unemployed daily with no immediate options available. The United Nations estimates that approximately 150 million people are unemployed globally. With social distancing being one of the main suggestions for slowing the spread of the pandemic, so many of the things we used to do pose health threats to us and those around us. Vital industries like hospitality, dining, and entertainment have taken an especially hard hit due to the pandemic. We saw a hopeful turnaround for the restaurant industry during the warmer months as outdoor dining was a safer option. In areas of the world where it turned colder, the issue only took many in these industries to the beginning of the pandemic, with magnified financial hardship.

Diego Ruiz Duran, Senior Law Partner & Founder at Law Offices of Diego Ruiz Durán in Mexico City, found a way to help. By offering more pro-bono work and saying yes to people in need, he was able to use his area of expertise for the greater good. This is just one example of how many people are finding better ways to use their work to help others in an extreme time of need. He believes there are numerous ways people can come together as a community to add value during these unprecedented times.

Even people who are still employed are struggling to either make ends meet or simply keep their sanity. This has not only become an unemployment crisis, or public health crisis, but a mental health crisis. Some feel like their lives are on hold, while others are finding ways to not only focus on their area of work to help others, but use their passions to create solutions for people who cannot help themselves right now.

There are ways to find purpose right now in helping others. Consider these options:

  • Put together care packages for essential goods – groceries, personal hygiene products, blankets, tents
  • Volunteer time with organizations in a local area – food banks, homeless shelters committed to make sure no one is sleeping outside in frigid temperatures
  • Donate – either directly to an organization that is helping those in need, or crowdsource a fundraiser to help individuals or families in need

The pandemic has shown it will be around for a while. The least we can do as a population is find purpose in helping those who need help immediately, whether it be honing the skills we already have to offer or finding new ways to lend a hand.

Life in the Spotlight

Life in the Spotlight

Being on national TV is a dream of many young aspiring children. But do they know what it is really like to be “famous”? To have their name and face plastered all over the nation? To be the topic of every news outlet and social media critic? Often, this reality of living in the spotlight, is not understood until it is experienced. That is the story of Andrew Napolitano.

As a young man in his late thirties, Napolitano was a Superior Court Judge of New Jersey. During his eight years as Superior Judge, he oversaw the most newsworthy cases. Back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s the news outlets were noteworthy but not so widespread as social media is today. Back then, people received their news from newspapers and major news channels.

After eight years of Superior Court, Judge Napolitano decided to move back to private practice and shift into a television career. A few years later, he became an analyst for Fox News. This brought him back to the spotlight once again. Being in the public eye is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. After all, a few hundred thousand people are watching from their homes all across the nation.

It is fair to say, that people in these “well recognized positions” do not always live up to the hype of who they are on TV. The average viewer perceives them as a role model, someone to admire and idolize. It is a responsibility that one should consider before pursuing life in the spotlight. In today’s social media craze it is almost impossible to live in the spotlight and not be the subject of some faceless critic. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, and with “Cancel Culture” so popular, one little thing could destroy someone’s career. Thus, those living in the spotlight have to be even more on guard than ever before. The old saying is true, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Those choosing to live in the spotlight get up every morning, knowing what they are going to face, and they choose to do it.

This is a new challenge that Napolitano has not faced before. In the past one could get out ahead of a news cycle, but today, if someone takes a picture, writes a blog, or speculates anything, it could go viral in a matter of minutes. This happens more often than the average person is led to believe. 

Living in the spotlight is a dream that many children have, but until they have lived it, they cannot understand it. Those who choose everyday to live in the spotlight, have been given such a great opportunity to be known. As well as the ability to impact the masses.