Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

A college education will allow a student the chance to advance their skills and they will gain more knowledge. In college, a student can specialize in a specific field and they will be able to do something they are passionate about. The only problem is that college tuition is not cheap. It costs several thousand dollars a year for a student to attend college. It is essential to begin to save for college as soon as possible. While a child is still young and even in the toddler stage, a parent should begin to save for college.

Benjamin Cory Harow knows the importance of saving for college and making sure that children have the chance to get a proper education. When his children were very little, maybe around a year old he began to save for his children’s college expenses. He did this so that his children can have a chance at an education in the future and the savings that he had put away would help pay off their tuition.

Harow was able to put a little aside at a time for his children. He did not have a great deal of money to put into savings at the time. Small children are expensive. Every little bit helps. Even something as $10 a week will help in the future. it is important to begin saving when the child is young. If a parent starts just after birth and puts a small amount away, it will add up to over 18 years. Ten dollars a week times eighteen years will add up to a significant amount of money. Every little bit will add up and will reduce the amount of money that a student needs to come up with.

There are many ways to pay for college. There are student loans and personal loans that the parents and students can take out to cover the tuition bill. While this can be helpful at the time these loans do need to be paid back and there will be interest added. Many young adults are struggling to pay back their student lean due to the high amount of money that needs to be repaid. If a parent has been saving for years the student will not have to borrow as much money. If they still need to borrow money it will be much less than their parents have saved for them.

It is important to begin to have savings for college early to help reduce the debt and the financial burden from higher education. A college education is needed to get a good job and a job that there may be additional levels of security. If a parent is able to set up a savings account for the child and they do it early in their life by the time they get to college they will have a nice amount of money saved up. This will help make sure their tuition is paid.

My Favorite Things About Princeton

My Favorite Things About Princeton

Reading and Grand Achievements

Alexander Djerassi has a list of favorite items to boast about in terms of students, Princeton and the many enjoyable aspects of this outstanding educational experience. He is known to have a love of reading and a grand list of achievements under his belt. Princeton is a favorite topic for him because it has so much to offer. This private university is spectacular and it is an enriching experience. The history has been evolving since 1746 and it is one of the oldest institutions around.

Things to Love About Princeton

There are so many things to love about Princeton. The educational opportunities are stimulating and reach beyond the average expectations. Djerassi, a lawyer, has been known to rave about the ideal environment for intellectual, intriguing and engaging encounters which are in abundance. All students are vividly shaped by this outstanding educational experience because many gaps are eliminated in terms of governmental agencies. Higher education has been made affordable and students do not miss out on a day of learning because funds and scholarships have been made available to enhance opportunities and ensure successful outcomes. The following things have made Princeton an outstanding educational and engaging opportunity:

* there is a reduced student versus instructor ratio

* engaging relationship opportunities

* individualized learning opportunities

* there is an emphasis on independent study styles and success

* it is a welcoming and successful environment

* the powerful sense of community

* more

Princeton has so much to offer and is an outstanding environment which allows individuals to excel and reach their goals. The opportunities lead to long-term excellence which enhance life and professional opportunities.

A Calm Learning Environment and Enjoyable Events

The calm and quieter learning environment adds to the entire educational opportunity. The many enjoyable events give students memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The engaging activities, the vivacious organizations and the powerful team spirit creates exhilarating opportunities to bond with others in mesmerizing ways. The very high-ranking graduate programs blend together nicely with the added activities and opportunities. The entire Princeton experience is filled with stimulating courses, extraordinary activities and so much more.

A Captivating Chapel

Princeton provides more than learning, events and activities. Education can include spiritual comfort and incorporate a spiritual connection with the Princeton University Chapel. Students and staff have the opportunity to relieve some of their own stressors by reflection and spiritual guidance. The chapel offers regularly scheduled events to accommodate those who would like to blend their education in with their spiritual side. Worship services tend to keep life in balance for students and staff. Choir and music tend to be very soothing and provide an outlet from studies.

Nature and Battlefield State Park

The Battlefield State Park allows students to breathe in some nature as they are embarking on their education endeavor. The superb architecture instills a powerful sense of awe and the added history further tickles the imagination. The opportunities are endless and engaging with nature is part of the educational experience for many.

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Helen Schifter is a former editor at Hearst and Condé Nastas as well among other professional titles. She believes in having a healthy body and staying strong, which is why during the current pandemic, for most people that necessitates home gym equipment.

It’s just too risky to go to the gym. Alternatively, it’s just as risky to stay home and park in front of the boob tube binging on Netflix.

Pandemic or not, the body needs exercise. Which is why the former arbitrage trader on Wall Street recommends many of the following pieces of home gym equipment.

Resistance Bands

Those wanting a great workout but don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands on exercise equipment might well start with resistance bands.

Resistance bands are made of latex or synthetic rubber and come in a variety of resistance levels. There are resistance bands that just provide a mild workout to those that would challenge a championship bodybuilder.

The first advantage of resistance bands is that they are cheap. A great pair of resistance bands will cost $30 or less.

Second, the chance of injuring yourself is very limited. Unlike many pieces of exercise equipment, the resistance provided by the bands is slow and steady.

Finally, resistance bands are a go-anywhere piece of equipment. It’s easy to take them to the park or pack them in a suitcase while traveling.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Everyone knows that to keep the body healthy and limber, exercisers need cardio. After all, during the pandemic, even the beaches, parks, and trails may be closed for exercising.

Obtaining a good cardio machine is not a matter of firing up a computer and ordering on Amazon. It’s possible to ultimately order from a source like Amazon, but there is no substitute for trying out the equipment at a sports or exercise store.

Treadmills and Stationary bikes go from roughly $200 to $1,000 or more. However, savvy shoppers can snag some pretty nifty cardio equipment for around $350.

Before buying, however, shoppers should test out the equipment for a good 15 minutes.

A good rule of thumb is if you cannot test a cardio machine in the store, don’t buy it.

Shoppers should be looking for a quality machine that seems comfortable and seem to be well made. Sometimes an extra $150 or will be necessary to buy that quality, but often a mid-priced machine is just as well made.

Alternative Cardio–Jump Ropes or Dancing Exercise Videos

Those wanting a cheaper alternative may go for the boxer’s favorite, the jump rope, or alternatively a dance video.

There are numerous, high-energy dance videos on the internet for free by connecting a computer to a television. Dance exercise is fantastic cardio that is fun. Just make sure to wear good shoes.

The alternative is buying a great jump rope. Noticed the highlighting. Exercisers will want a premium jump rope with steel coated handles, ball bearing assist, and be sure the rope is made of quality, weighted material.

Helping the Less Fortunate During a Pandemic

Helping the Less Fortunate During a Pandemic

Diego Ruiz Duran as well as anyone could not have anticipated the ongoing global effects of COVID-19 or the trickle-down effect it would have on the workforce. The pandemic has stunted the world in many ways – from mass layoffs to record evictions and foreclosures. When the pandemic hit, nothing could have prepared those affected most for what was to come and the long-lasting issues that will continue even when the world goes back to normal.

More people are finding themselves unemployed daily with no immediate options available. The United Nations estimates that approximately 150 million people are unemployed globally. With social distancing being one of the main suggestions for slowing the spread of the pandemic, so many of the things we used to do pose health threats to us and those around us. Vital industries like hospitality, dining, and entertainment have taken an especially hard hit due to the pandemic. We saw a hopeful turnaround for the restaurant industry during the warmer months as outdoor dining was a safer option. In areas of the world where it turned colder, the issue only took many in these industries to the beginning of the pandemic, with magnified financial hardship.

Diego Ruiz Duran, Senior Law Partner & Founder at Law Offices of Diego Ruiz Durán in Mexico City, found a way to help. By offering more pro-bono work and saying yes to people in need, he was able to use his area of expertise for the greater good. This is just one example of how many people are finding better ways to use their work to help others in an extreme time of need. He believes there are numerous ways people can come together as a community to add value during these unprecedented times.

Even people who are still employed are struggling to either make ends meet or simply keep their sanity. This has not only become an unemployment crisis, or public health crisis, but a mental health crisis. Some feel like their lives are on hold, while others are finding ways to not only focus on their area of work to help others, but use their passions to create solutions for people who cannot help themselves right now.

There are ways to find purpose right now in helping others. Consider these options:

  • Put together care packages for essential goods – groceries, personal hygiene products, blankets, tents
  • Volunteer time with organizations in a local area – food banks, homeless shelters committed to make sure no one is sleeping outside in frigid temperatures
  • Donate – either directly to an organization that is helping those in need, or crowdsource a fundraiser to help individuals or families in need

The pandemic has shown it will be around for a while. The least we can do as a population is find purpose in helping those who need help immediately, whether it be honing the skills we already have to offer or finding new ways to lend a hand.

Life in the Spotlight

Life in the Spotlight

Being on national TV is a dream of many young aspiring children. But do they know what it is really like to be “famous”? To have their name and face plastered all over the nation? To be the topic of every news outlet and social media critic? Often, this reality of living in the spotlight, is not understood until it is experienced. That is the story of Andrew Napolitano.

As a young man in his late thirties, Napolitano was a Superior Court Judge of New Jersey. During his eight years as Superior Judge, he oversaw the most newsworthy cases. Back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s the news outlets were noteworthy but not so widespread as social media is today. Back then, people received their news from newspapers and major news channels.

After eight years of Superior Court, Judge Napolitano decided to move back to private practice and shift into a television career. A few years later, he became an analyst for Fox News. This brought him back to the spotlight once again. Being in the public eye is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. After all, a few hundred thousand people are watching from their homes all across the nation.

It is fair to say, that people in these “well recognized positions” do not always live up to the hype of who they are on TV. The average viewer perceives them as a role model, someone to admire and idolize. It is a responsibility that one should consider before pursuing life in the spotlight. In today’s social media craze it is almost impossible to live in the spotlight and not be the subject of some faceless critic. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, and with “Cancel Culture” so popular, one little thing could destroy someone’s career. Thus, those living in the spotlight have to be even more on guard than ever before. The old saying is true, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Those choosing to live in the spotlight get up every morning, knowing what they are going to face, and they choose to do it.

This is a new challenge that Napolitano has not faced before. In the past one could get out ahead of a news cycle, but today, if someone takes a picture, writes a blog, or speculates anything, it could go viral in a matter of minutes. This happens more often than the average person is led to believe. 

Living in the spotlight is a dream that many children have, but until they have lived it, they cannot understand it. Those who choose everyday to live in the spotlight, have been given such a great opportunity to be known. As well as the ability to impact the masses.

Asot Michael Is A Politician for The People of Antigua and Barbuda

Asot Michael Is A Politician for The People of Antigua and Barbuda

Veteran Caribbean politician Asot Anthony Michael grew up in a family already involved in politics and activism. Born in 1969, no one could predict just how much his family would influence his life and political career. His family resided in the French West Indies. Asot’s grandfather was a part of anti-government factions. Some of those factions burned down his grandfather’s home, and he died not long after the incident. Patrick, Asot’s father, became involved with the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP). Throughout the 70s, Patrick spent more time helping the ABLP survive instead of the family business.

Asot Michael’s family, including two great uncles, Maurice and Mitchell, have always helped in national socio-economic development, and Asot followed in their footsteps of philanthropy. His uncles, grandfather, and father helped Asot Michael gain his love of politics.

Education of Asot Michael and Caribbean Nations

For school, Asot Michael went to Saint Joseph’s Academy in Saint John’s, Antigua. After receiving his diploma from high school, Asot moved on to Barry University, earning a BS or Bachelor of Science. The degree also included Business Administration, in which he earned Honors. With a double major in Economics and Finance, Asot Michael finished his education with an MBA at the University of Miami School of Business. During his schooling, Asot gained honors and academic achievements.

In an interview, Asot Michael said that education is critical to him. He will always focus on educating the youth of Antigua and Barbuda. Caribbean islands depend on a “knowledge-based economy,” with such sectors as tourism, banking, and IT being imperative. The ABLP, the political party in which Asot Michael proudly serves, has ensured that island residents’ education is a priority, with expanding secondary schools and helping maintain a growing number of students. The ABLP government increased the scholarships available over several disciplines to help the Caribbean nations gain higher education.

Asot Michael raised significant funds for the renovation of the Parham and Pares Primary Schools.

A Career in Politics

Asot Michael is a politician who listens to his island population and pays attention to the various development needs of his constituents

He believes that “in democracies characterized by the government of the people, by the people, for the people, the reasonable expectation is caring, visionary, innovative, competent, transparent and accountable leadership and management capabilities of achieving the agreed objectives for national growth and development.

Michael, the Member of Parliament for the St Peters Constituency keeps a close watch on progress through the years with his country’s human development fundamentals especially in terms of meeting the people’s most pressing social and economic advancement needs. As a truly transformational leader, he appreciates strides in people-centered and is passionate about ensuring that things are continuously looking up in the key areas of vital interest to the people.

A personal mission is to help neighbors and nations have a better life than in the past. With unique experiences in business and higher education, Asot Michael feels he can be a force to help the government pay attention to business growth, infrastructure, and justice. He wants Antigua and Barbuda to succeed both socially and economically, which requires assisting the focus on the important aspects of island life. Those aspects are always going to include school, helping businesses to survive, and people stay safe, especially amid a pandemic.

Antigua and Barbuda change

Change is Necessary, and Asot Michael Leads It

Investing in a nation, as much as a community, is about supporting the people who live on the island. Ensuring the infrastructure is sound with the renovation that makes residential areas and schools safe is paramount to a nation’s success. As politicians, “we show people we want to see them grow financially,” while they are also happy and safe. It is not a single action that brings this about, but one of trust, positive relationships, and confidence in a government that genuinely cares.

Asot Michael says, “Reinvesting funds in public service projects ensures a stronger community.” Asot feels people need to be involved in their community and know there is help for those who live there. When amenities and services are better, people are happy and able to live safely with an eye towards development and job growth. It is a never-ending cycle, not just a “fix it and you’re done” concept, according to Asot. The process must be “encouraged so the long-term effects” continue.

Asot Michael is satisfied that while there is much to be done to effectively turn the economy around from the ravages of the Covid 19 pandemic, the ABLP government moving on purposefully with the noble, endeavor of building the best Antigua and Barbuda for all the citizens and residents. He urges the Cabinet of Ministers, to strengthen revenue/expenditure performance and to keep striving for higher standards of fiscal responsibility that will maximize productive utilization of scarce resources for the greatest good of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Small businesses are essential to Asot because he remembers his father being a small business owner, and he has run a company. With the pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure the small business owner can get through the hardships and remain open. Asot Michael wants his nation to understand that his political career and aims are guided by loyalty and trust. He wishes to help all people maintain a healthy, happy life. It takes a village or, in this case, an island to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Healthy Snacks to Eat

Healthy Snacks to Eat

We all know that eating healthy is something that we should be doing, and most understand just how important it is to your health. With that said, not many people know how to eat healthy or what they should be eating when they want to snack. Sometimes you can’t get from one meal to another without a little snack to tie you over, and that is fine, but you need to be snacking on the right foods. Doctors from around the world such as Dr. Cory Harow will always recommend healthy eating as one of the foremost preventative measures to life threatening diseases. With that said, this article will go over a lot of healthy snacks, when that is the best time to eat them, and how to include them in your diet.

First We Will Go Over Some Healthy Snacks

The king among healthy snacks would have to be nuts, and all nuts serve to fill this role, but some are better than others. Almonds are the overall best for you, with some other nuts serving more specialized roles in your dietary needs, and this is due to the fact that almonds contain a vast amount of nutritional value. Evidence has even shown that they may help reduce heart disease and diabetes risk factors as well. Pistachios are a nut that fills a far more specialized role, and that would be making sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet, and honestly most people could use more fiber in their diets, so this is another really good choice of snack.

Moving on to a different type of food entirely, eggs. Eggs can be consumed in a number of ways and one of the best ways is to boil them and take them with you on the go. Eggs are also a very good source of protein, and are always a staple in healthy diets all around the world.

How to Incorporate Them Into Your Diet

The best way to incorporate these healthy snacks into your diet is to make your whole diet a lot more rigid, and to do this you should plan out your meals for the day, but this is just the first step in eating healthy. Some people prep every meal that they will eat that week in one day, and you don’t have to do this, but you do want to have a ridge time that you eat your meals. What this does is stops you from just snacking the day away, and if you can establish a rigid diet then you will be read for the next step. The next step would be that if you are feeling hungry between meals to start planning to have snacks in between said meals. This will allow you to get through the day without snacking on unhealthy foods, and keep you from over snacking as well.

In Conclusion

If you have any questions about diets and nutrition, then you should do some research, or you can contact doctors such as Dr. Cory Harow for advice as to what you should do.

Activities To Do This Summer

Activities To Do This Summer

Imagine seeing a beautiful waterfall. All the wonderful rock formations, the sounds, the smells. It might seem like a dream, but it is absolutely possible to see! Duluth waterfalls is where it’s at. Better yet, the North Shore waterfalls are a must see in everyone’s lifetime.

Beginning in Duluth, there is an aerial lift bridge where huge ships travel in and out of the Canal Park. There is also a place to get the best Swedish Cream in the country, that’s not what we’re here to talk about though. Back to the Waterfalls. Gooseberry park is talked about by many and for good reason, it’s a magical place for a first time waterfall seeker. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

This vacation can be a trip for the whole family or a romantic vacation for two. Heck, even a getaway for some R&R! Helen Lee Schifter loves to reset herself by swimming at the bottom of the waterfall at Gooseberry Park. She rents a log cabin on the lake and takes in all that nature has to offer. Stopping at Betty’s Pies for a hearty meal…. and pie! She loves the serene and slow way of life, away from the fast paced hustle and bustle. It’s much needed reset for the soul. With an extra long vacation, there is the option to chase all the waterfalls. A quick search of the North Shore Visitor guide printed out and left in the car is the way to go.

Starting with Lester River waterfall, which can be seen from the road, is the start of the adventure! Don’t forget to bring lunch! It’s going to be a fun day of driving and Awe. Gooseberry Falls has 3 parts, next up is Middle falls, also seen from the road. A few miles more and the Cascades at Split Rock River appears where there is a hiking trail that is 5 miles long. Seems like a long hike, but the waterfall can be viewed from a cliff and it’s magical. Always bring sunscreen, bug spray, and water with. Next up is Beaver Falls where the river drops 300 feet with a series of falls and cascades. This day will end (but can keep going to more waterfalls) at the High Falls, it’s called the high falls because it’s the highest waterfall in Minnesota at a staggering 700 feet tall. This is a sight to see.
Most of these falls can be walked right up to and stood under. These waterfalls are great for photographers to check out their skills, wonderful for families with children to venture to, sweet and romantic for couples to explore, awesome and fun for a friends trip, and relaxing and serene for some me-time. A vacation to the Duluth area typically generates a return visit. There is just not enough time in one trip to see and experience everything the area has to offer. Helen Schifter is already planning a return visit to the Duluth area to chase those waterfalls.

Best Characteristics to Look for In an Injury Lawyer

Best Characteristics to Look for In an Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. Lives can instantly change when a drunk or distracted driver causes devastating and serious injuries. The consequences of which could be lifelong vocational or medical challenges for those innocent good victims. Finding the best legal and medical services can be of tremendous benefit to those with serious injuries because of negligence.

When confronted with such a situation, it can be difficult to find an injury lawyer to meet your needs, especially when you are unfamiliar with the characteristics to look for in an attorney. As with any service, word-of-mouth references are like gold since your trusted friend or relative can help you find the legal representation necessary. In many instances, this is not an option so you must research to find the best injury lawyer.

Best Characteristics of an Injury Lawyer

While there are countless attributes to look for in an injury attorney, the five most important include:

Active Listeners

The Harvard Business Review has found that great listeners do more than simply hear what you are saying. Instead, they create a safe environment for discussing difficult issues, remove distractions while making comfortable eye contact, and observe your facial expressions and body language. The article further highlights that active listeners ask questions without taking control, capture key bits of critical information, and empathize and acknowledge with the speaker.

The best injury lawyer must be an active listener who remains engaged with the information you provide and how you say it. At no point should your concerns and emotions go unnoticed by the attorney.

Answers All Your Questions

When an injury occurs, there is lost income, medical bills, health insurance forms, and questions from insurance adjusters; all of which are overwhelming while you are attempting to recover from the injuries. The best injury attorney can answer your questions about these requirements thus reducing your stress so you can focus on recuperating.

Educates on Legal Subjects

Finding a lawyer who cares about you and can educate you on the law, so you better understand the process and situation is a keeper.

Extensive Courtroom Experience

An attorney with extensive courtroom experience, talent, and knowledge can effectively present your case to a jury and sometimes settle before a verdict. Remember, just because a law firm spends money on advertising does not mean they have a positive reputation in the courtroom. Typically, the lawyers who defend insurance companies know which lawyers always settle their cases and which do whatever is necessary to reach a just result for the injured due to negligence.

Respect from Peers

Best injury attorneys have earned the respect of their colleagues within the profession. These lawyers are also often identified as the Best Lawyers in America, which is a national publication that places these attorneys on the list of their clients and peers. This is an important point because attorneys who spend loads of cash on advertising and marketing cannot buy their way into the publication.

View Law as a Helping Profession

The best injury lawyer views law as a vessel to help others, not just as a business. Many attorneys are motivated by the chance to solve problems for the injured and their relatives and great lawyers do what is best for their clients. This means working long hours to find a way to take a case to trial. Many cases are not as cut and dry as settling on a fair amount for the injured victim.

The root cause of most personal injury cases is negligence. This concept is meat to ensure all members of society take responsibility for acting on behalf of others’ wellbeing by avoiding placing others at risk. When careless individuals fail to follow these steps, they are demonstrating negligence which results in victims collecting damages. Finding the best injury lawyer to represent your case takes some research but by searching for these key qualities, you will be in the best hands!

My Favorite Gospel Singers

My Favorite Gospel Singers

George Rutler is an outspoken parish priest who is well known across the country. The Manhattan-based priest appears on many TV programs, and he is also an author with over nineteen published books. In addition, he also earned degrees from several universities across America and Europe, including John Hopkins, Dartmouth, Oxford, and the Angelicum in Rome.

But what happens when he wants is away from the public and the press? What are some of the things that make him happy? Not surprisingly, he loves to listen to gospel music, with a strong inclination towards hymns. His love for this genre of music is in fact so strong that he wrote an entire book about it, “The Stories of Hymns.” Through this book, he highlights and expounds on some of the greatest hymns written through the Christianity timeline, leading right up to the twentieth century. So, who are some of his favorite composers and artists?

  1. Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo was the Prince of Venosa, and his legacy was highly expressive madrigals and sacred music that uses chromatic language. Other than his extraordinary music, Carlo Gesualdo is known for the gruesome murder of his wife and her lover.

After his father died, he grew his estate into a center for music-making, even though it was for him alone. His vast fortune allowed him to hire instrumentalists and singers for personal entertainment.

Even now, Carlo’s music remains among the most expressive and experimental in the Renaissance. However, there is no doubt that he is the wildest chromatic.

  1. George Frideric Handel

This German-born composer is famous for his oratorios, operas, concerti Grossi, anthems, and concertos. Handel trained in Halle and went to practice as a composer in Italy and Hamburg before permanently relocating to London.

Messiah was a great success, even though it was the last Italian opera he composed. Some of his most popular work includes Music for the Royal Fireworks and Water Music. Over three decades, Handel composed well over forty opera series. Since the 60s, there has been increasing interest in his work, and his influence on classical era composers cannot be ignored.

  1. Gustav Mahler

This Austro-Bohemian composer is recognized as one of the best of his generation. As a composer, his work was the bridge between 19th-century Austro-German and the modernism of the 20th century. Throughout his career, his status as a conductor remained impeccable, but his music was only widely recognized after a considerable time frame of neglect.

  1. Edward Elgar

Edward’s father was a piano tuner who was also a decent violin player, and his son followed in his footsteps. During the 1890s, Edward’s reputation as a composer was growing fast, with successful works such as the English Midlands, King Olaf, and the Black Knight.

His significant breakthrough came with the production of the Enigma Variations. This is a musical sketch of his friend, August Jaeger. The solemnity of this variation has made it a set piece for thousands of commemorations and memorial services. There is also a choral setting that uses text from the Requiem Mass, so it’s not hard to see why Edward is Father Rutler’s favorite artist.