Cities in the U.S. with the Largest Population

Cities in the U.S. with the Largest Population

Recently there was some reported information about Alexander Djerassi who has worked in the U.S. State Department as a special assistant having stated that he believes that the cities in the country will become over populated in the future. This thought could put many to thinking and questioning some things like: What cities in the U.S. have the largest population and What could cause overpopulation? Djerassi’s point could be well taken. So, let’s take a look and start by seeking out the cities in the U.S. with the largest population first and then what could cause overpopulation.

The Cities

The top 3 Cities within the U.S. that have the largest populations will follow with some details. First, New York City has 8,398,748 and boasts to be the best city as far as cultural things to do and that old saying that everyone should live there at least once. Second up is Los Angeles which has 3,990,456 and as many point out, great weather, terrific shopping and the best of the music scene; not to mention, it’s like having a whole state as an adventurous backyard of fun. Third on the list is Chicago. Many say it is the best of the best in cities because one can get the New York or Los Angeles feel without the prices. Of course, this is only the top three U.S. cities with the largest population just to get an idea only as one could go through all 50 states to see what the numbers are; however, this discussion will not move on to “what could cause overpopulation”?

Causes of Overpopulation in the Future

Here, a look at causes will be investigated, but it must be pointed out that this list could go on and on. However, only a few will be reviewed. To begin, a decline or decrease in death rate can cause overpopulation because when comparing the overall or total birth rate to the death rate, if there are more births and less deaths, the population will automatically be on a rise which can result in overpopulation. Next, it has been found that humans have access and better availability to food which leads to increased population and all of this is due to agricultural advancements. Alexander Djerassi believes that another reason the numbers could lead to overpopulation is the innovative technology in regards to medical facilities. Medical facilities have the needed innovation to keep people alive now more than ever with the advancements in medicines also as these go hand in hand. People who get sick and usually be kept alive and healed because of advancements in technology and science. Illness no longer can claim thousands and thousands of lives. And last to be discussed here actually goes hand in hand with the previous item as it deals with advancements in technology but more specifically fertility treatments. Couples who previously desired a child can now have advanced technology help in conceiving and having children which leads to more births. And, this goes into the over population issues.

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Home?

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Home?

People often go through times, specifically those who own a house, where they start contemplating on whether or not they should sell their property. Whether one needs money or not, it’s important for those who wish to sell their house to do it at the right time. This article intends to educate readers on what it takes to sell a house and finding the right time to make the sale. As a real-estate developer, Shalom Lamm can offer reliable advice on finding good times to sell a house.

For those still confused about what it takes to properly sell a house, searching the web through reliable sources is ideal also. It’s highly recommended that one should take the time to search through a variety of sources they feel could help them regarding the market of selling houses.

One of the most important aspects of selling a house is knowing the right market for it. For the person who wants to sell their property, understand that the market may be different depending on which city or state one resides in. Just because the market for selling a house may be better in one area, that doesn’t mean the opportunities are the same in another area. One must research the area they live in to determine whether or not they’ll receive a good offer for their house. Research the value around one’s area and make sure the housing price is reasonable.

Statistics are also important to research regarding the market for houses. It’s been said, according to the Open Door, that homes typically sell more during the Spring and Summer seasons, which is something house sellers should consider. It’s worth noting that Open Doors featured a graph of the past that reports how well houses are being sold in 2018 and 2019.

That’s an example of how graphs are a way of using statistics to determine an effective market. As this ties into using the internet for reliable sources, one must ensure that statistics are accurate in their findings. For determining whether or not selling such a house is possible, accurate sources with reliable stats are required in some cases.

Regarding the house itself, it’s important to ensure the property is in good condition. Specifically speaking, good condition means that the house is safe for the next person to move into. Certain procedures come with ensuring one’s house is in such a condition. For instance, one must ensure the house is free from serious tears that may get worse.

If one is aware that their house requires fixing, waste no time in calling an expert on getting such a problem resolved. That way, hiring someone who knows what they’re doing makes the job of getting one’s house ready is always helpful.

There’s a lot to learn to garner success in the housing market. It’s worth noting that for those who wish to learn from an intelligent voice, Shalom Lamm knows. One piece of advice he gives is the concept of properly advertising.

Why Storytelling and Advertising Go Hand in Hand

Why Storytelling and Advertising Go Hand in Hand

There are many reasons that storytelling and advertising go hand in hand. Shalom Lamm understands that marketing is storytelling in one form or another. First, storyboarding provides an opportunity for marketers to inform their customers about their brand’s history, develop new products, and increase brand awareness.

Second, storyboarding provides an opportunity for companies to inform consumers about the benefits of their products and services. Third, storyboarding is an essential strategic tool for selling products. It allows a storyteller to sell their product using personal stories that a storyteller has previously created. Lastly, storyboarding helps a storyteller organize the creative process. This enables a storyteller to organize their creative ideas into a short story that a storyteller can use as an advertising campaign.

When creating a storyboard, a storyteller is planning the structure of their story from the very beginning. In order to tell a remarkable story, a storyteller needs to tell it through the eyes of a character that is completely real to their audience. A storyboard allows a storyteller to create characters and reactions and allows a storyteller to place the camera right in 

Storyboarding allows a storyteller to construct a scene that engages their audience. It helps a storyteller to pull the audience into the story. It enables their audience to feel like they are part of the action, rather than just watching something on the screen. When a storyteller builds the story out of a sequence of still pictures or video clips, their audience will be more engaged and watch the presentation time after time to appreciate their vision thoroughly.

Storyboarding allows a storyteller to develop an advertising campaign by building out their storyboard and incorporating their chosen images and music. Why not draw up a rough draft of what a storyteller wants to show on the screen before the finished film is created? Then, their storyboard can be used to plan out the full effect of their advertising, rather than just the initial campaign. A storyboard will also help a storyteller create the mood and tone for their commercial.

If a storyteller is trying to create a visual effect that is engaging, memorable, and visually appealing to their audience, a storyboard may be what a storyteller needs. When planning the effects of their campaign, a storyteller will better understand how to present them to the audience. As a storyteller draws each frame of their storyboard, a storyteller will see precisely how a storyteller will place their images and music to make sure that a storyteller reaches the desired effect. A storyteller will also see the layouts a storyteller has planned to know precisely how to place everything and make sure that it all works together.

The process of storyboarding can be an excellent tool for getting their message across to their audience. In addition to using a storyboard to design the entire advertisement, a storyteller will also be able to use it to guide filming their video to include the best images and scenes in their movie. A storyboard will allow a storyteller to tell their story visually rather than just verbally. By telling their story visually through a storyboard, a storyteller allows their audience to fill in the blanks. This makes their message more effective and helps to ensure that their message is delivered effectively.

It has been proven that storyboarding can help to make their advertising more effective. Using storyboarding techniques, a storyteller will tell an engaging story that their audience will take with them and become a part of. In addition, when a storyteller has a storyboard to work from, a storyteller will find visual aids to make their message more noticeable to their target audience. Shalom Lamm has used storytelling many times in his career.

Benjamin Cory Harow Talks About How to Embrace Post Covid Life

Benjamin Cory Harow Talks About How to Embrace Post Covid Life

The emergence of COVID 19 has affected the livelihood of many people across the world. People’s lives have changed, and we have witnessed the introduction of new ways of doing things. Many things that we were used to changed because of the adjustments we have had to make in life. Social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks are our new normal. People have been forced to cut on international travel because of the effects of the pandemic across nations. Many schools and social places have also been closed to mitigate the spread of the disease. Other countries like the UK and India have witnessed the emergence of a new coronavirus variant that is more lethal and claims many lives. According to the World Health Organization, over 25 million people have lost their lives to COVID 19.

Fast forward towards the end of 2020, scientists started working on developing a vaccine that will help curb the spread of the virus. This elicited more reaction, with people feeling optimistic that their lives are going to return to normalcy. However, with the introduction of different vaccines across many countries, people’s lives are yet to return to normal. Therefore, we shall have to adapt to a new way of doing things, as discussed below.

We Shall Have to Change the Way We Greet Each Other

For sure, the coronavirus is still around for some time, which brings in the notion of how we shall be exchanging pleasantries. People are being discouraged from having physical contact and shaking hands as it has been the norm during greetings. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace contactless greetings like waving as a form of greeting to minimize the spread of the virus. In the future, we shall see contactless greetings being entrenched as a way of greeting to minimize the spread of the disease.

Introduction of the New Way of Learning

Many learning institutions have encouraged learners to use alternative forms of remote learning to reduce crowds in schools. As a result, learners have embraced cloud learning as the new norm of attending classes. Benjamin Cory Harow is an emergency medical specialist at the West Boca Medical Center in Florida. He is optimistic that people will embrace technology much to minimize physical contact. In particular, people have embraced zoom cloud meeting as a software that enables you to meet online and exchange ideas by minimizing contact.

Better Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions like fresh air have improved since the emergence of COVID 19. This is attributed to the reduced number of vehicles and industrial emissions. People were forced to stay at home due to the introduction of lockdowns, which meant fewer vehicles were on the roads. With no vehicles on the streets, carbon emissions have been reduced, and the ozone layer remains clean. In addition, industrial emissions reduced drastically because many industries closed due to coronavirus effects, which also reduced carbon emissions.

Though the vaccine has been introduced and international travels have resumed partially, Benjamin Cory Harow is very happy to start travelling again once the restrictions are obliterated.

How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination

There are times of the day where people get tired. They can be tired or they may not feel like doing anything. Procrastination happens. A person will put off a task then rush to get it done. Alexander Djerassi knows all about procrastination and what a problem it can be. Djerassi has some tips on how a person can beat procrastination and get things done. These are some ways that a person can beat procrastination.

Make a List

A person should create a list of things that they need to do. This will help with organization and will help a person keep track of all of their tasks. Once they have completed the task they can cross it off the list. This will allow a person to feel some accomplishment and they can try to get everything on the list completed.

Set Deadlines

If a person can arrange tasks in the order they need to be completed they will need to get them done. If there is a due date it is important to complete them by the date and reduce the time for procrastination.

Break up Tasks

If a person has a big task to complete they should break it up into smaller parts. This way it does not seem as big of a task and it will look like a person can accomplish it without a problem. The smaller pieces of this task can have deadlines to make sure they are completed. This will allow a person to complete everything without feeling overwhelmed.

Get it Done

A person should tell themselves to get it done. When they begin to think that they can put something off until later they need to suck it up and push through it. This will help them get the feeling that they have gotten something done and they can get it off their mind. They will not have to worry about it later.


If a person needs to learn how to get things done they can add rewards after some tasks. They can schedule a specific task that they need to complete and then they can get a reward. A person can tell themselves what they need to get done at a specific time. After they have completed the task they can get the reward. For example, a person can clean their home during the day and get to watch TV in the evening. This will help get the task done and the person will not worry.

Plan Ahead

A person should work early because things can go wrong. If they wait until the last minute to do something and things get messed up they may be facing some trouble. This is why a person should get to work right away so they will always have time to fix mistakes. These are some things Alexander Djerassi thinks that a person can do so they can stop procrastinating. This will allow a person to get things done and stop putting them off at a later time.

Exercises to do First Thing in the Morning

Exercises to do First Thing in the Morning

Father George Rutler wants to help a person get into the best possible health. He feels that one way that a person can be healthy is to get regular exercise. He feels that the best time to exercise is in the morning and there are many benefits to morning exercise. According to Rutler, these are some of the best things to do for exercise first thing in the morning.

Walking or Running

In the morning either walking or running is a great way to begin the day. The exercise will help boost the metabolism and it will help the body burn off fat for the rest of the day. A person should do this exercise before they eat anything so they will be able to burn fat the entire morning.


These exercises will help build up and improve the core muscles. It will also help improve the posture. A plank is a resistance exercise and it will engage the muscles in this process without making the muscles move. This movement has little risk of injury. The move will engage the back, the abs, and the obliques. A person will hold this move for 30 to 60 seconds. They will then release and repeat. This exercise is set to work out the core. It will help them burn fat and will allow them to be more comfortable during the day.

Jumping Jacks

This simple and classic exercise is one of the best things for the body and or an early morning workout. This is easy to do and there is no special equipment that is needed. A person can do 30 to 50 full jumping jacks and they can even be done in sets. This will allow the heart to get pumping. It will also increase the use of the legs and even the shoulders. A person will feel like they have the energy needed to keep going all day.


This is another exercise that is easy to do. It will help get the legs moving and allow them to be strong for the day. Squats are some of the best things to do early in the morning. The leg muscles are some of the largest in the body so it is great to work them out. The body will also be able to burn more calories during the day and will help boost the metabolism.


Another classic exercise that can help the body burn fat during the day. This exercise works out all the major groups of muscles. They will help a person build strength and will allow lean muscle mass to keep on burning fat.

Father George Rutler thinks these are some of the best exercises that can be done even in the early morning. When these exercises are done early around the time that a person wakes up it can have a big impact on their day. A person is putting the body into fat burning mode and allowing a person to have additional energy to get through their day.

Dealing with Anxiety, How Can You Control it?

Dealing with Anxiety, How Can You Control it?

Nowadays, it seems as though mental health has been on the forefront of the collective minds of society. With the global pandemic and ongoing restrictions felt nationwide, the ramifications of these closings and changes in daily living have taken a severe toll on people’s mental health.

Anxiety is a mental health condition, characterized by intrusive thoughts, continuous worrying, rapid heart rate, and even panic attacks. Anxiety can cause debilitating symptoms, sometimes so severe that it hinders daily activities. Anxiety is also one of the most common mental health issues. As many as 40 million Americans suffer from at least some form of anxiety. Fortunately, there are a multitude of options one can explore to help alleviate such troubling symptoms and improve quality of life.

One of the most common and problematic symptoms of anxiety is shallow breathing. This is often described as the feeling of not being able to take in a full breath, or even as though an elephant is sitting on one’s chest. Shallow breathing can even lead to a full blown panic attack. Simple, controlled breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways to regulate anxiety. Many high profile figures such as Andrew Napolitano have spoken about the benefits of controlled breathing techniques in helping to reduce anxiety and symptoms of stress.

Anxiety usually manifests itself in physical symptoms. These symptoms are ultimately exacerbated when a large amount of cortisol is present in the system. Cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone”, is produced when the brain senses an impending threat. When a person doesn’t get a good night’s sleep, the brain often perceives just about everything as a threat. Furthermore, a person who suffers from anxiety will often find it difficult to fall asleep, due to a racing mind flipping through all of the “what if” scenarios. This ultimately becomes a difficult cycle to break free from. One of the best natural ways to reduce anxiety and stress is to achieve a good night’s sleep by getting regular exercise. Exercise not only releases endorphins which can improve mood and anxiety, but it is also physically exerting. Many people who suffer from stress find that a daily jog or weight lifting session can not only relieve symptoms of anxiety, but it also helps them get a good night’s sleep, which can often help improve anxiety symptoms.

Some people suffering from anxiety may have tried just about everything to alleviate their symptoms, but still need a little extra help to truly address their mental health needs. Trained therapists are licensed individuals who are skilled in therapeutic techniques which are proven in helping to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety. Andrew Napolitano has suggested that therapy is an efficacious way to address anxiety symptoms and provide much needed relief to those who need it the most.

Those who suffer with anxiety often find it difficult to achieve relief from their symptoms, however, there is hope. With a bit of trial and error, as well as effective implementation of suggested tips and advice, symptom relief and an improved quality of life is truly possible.

Mindful Health Solutions Touts Innovative Depression Treatment in Newport Beach.

Established by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007 as TMS Health Solutions, newly renamed Mindful Health Solutions seeks to offer cutting-edge depression treatment modalities. In the years since establishing his practice, Dr. Richard Bermudes has grown Mindful Health Solutions into one of the most innovative and patient-focused care centers in the industry for treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

Mindful Health Solutions Launches Rebranding Effort

Headquartered in the cozy offices of San Francisco’s Union Square, the company formerly known as TMS Health Solutions has rebranded and expanded to more than 15 locations throughout the great state of California. Most recently, Mindful Health Solutions celebrated the opening of its Newport Beach location at 4100 Newport Place DR, Suite #730.

Founder Dr. Bermudes stated of the decision to change names, “Over the past few years we have developed a practice that we believe redefines the psychiatric outpatient experience.”

Brad Hummel is the Chief Executive Officer at Mindful Health Solution and he was quick to echo the words offered by founder Dr. Bermudes. Hummel stated, “We are very excited about the intro of our new company name.” Hummel went on to explain that the name better represents and underscores the “treatment philosophy” imbued by Dr. Bermudes and the rest of the medical staff.

For potential clients that cannot make it to a nearby Mindful Health Solutions location, the company has placed an increased focus on Telehealth Solutions. Due in large part toth e COVID-19 pandemic, Mindful Health Solutions has flexible and affordable video appointments available for new patients and returning clients alike.

Reach out to the team at Mindful Health Solutions directly to find a location near you.

What Is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Depression is a group of conditions that are associated with the elevation and lowering of an individual’s mood. Both common and incredibly serious, treatment-resistant depression impacts up to 30% of patients who do not respond to antidepressants.

Treatment-resistant depression may manifest as a range of symptoms.

  • Poor Social Functioning
  • Potential Increased Medical Comorbidity
  • Lack of Response to Medication/Psychotherapy
  • Brief Periods of Improvement Followed by Relapse

While it is hard to understand exactly what causes treatment-resistant depression, researchers and medical professionals alike have some ideas. Currently, leading theories for TRD triggers include genetics, misdiagnosis, and metabolic abnormalities.

Solutions For Your Mental Health

Mindful Health Solutions is an industry leader in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as well as Esketamine Nasal Spray and Electroconvulsive Therapy. While these solutions may seem unfamiliar to most people, they are making a gigantic difference in the realm of mental health support and treatment.

If you are looking for support in your battle against treatment-resistant depression, you’ve come to the right place to find a solution. Let’s briefly explore the different and innovative psychiatric services offered under the Mindful Health Solutions umbrella.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – Innovative TRD Treatments

Originally cleared by the FDA for the treatment of clinical depression in 2008, TMS Therapy has risen in popularity as a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment. Ideal for addressing treatment-resistant depression, multiple rounds of TMS Therapy can be used in conjunction with conventional talk therapy to enhance results.

TMS Therapy can be performed during a traditional office visit during your lunch hour or before work. The process includes introducing a powerful electromagnetic wand over the area of your brain most commonly associated with mood regulation. From there, magnetic pulses are precisely delivered to stimulate nerves while depolarizing cortical neurons within the brain.

Key Advantages

  • Ideal For Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Minimal Side Effects When Compared to Anti-Depressants
  • Can Help Support Traditional Talk Therapy
  • Non-Invasive and Safe Treatment

Esketamine Nasal Spray – Prescription Depression Treatment

For clients in and around Newport Beach that want help[ treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Esketamine Nasal Spray offers an exciting opportunity to help. As depression can be debilitating while impacting people in unique ways, unique solutions are often required.

Esketamine nasal spray is a way to treat more advanced depression in individuals who have struggled with medication or psychotherapy on their own. Esketamine nasal spray is FDA-approved and available at Mindful Health Solutions locations throughout California.

Esketamine is considered a non-invasive office-based procedure. Patients self-administer medication under the close guidance of a healthcare provider. Before and after each session, patients will be watched by medical staff for up to two hours. Patients exploring the benefits of esketamine nasal spray will need to arrange for post-treatment transportation.

Key Concepts

  • Traditional Esketamine Courses Last for 12 Sessions
  • Maintenance Treatments Are Available
  • Non-Invasive and Safe Treatment
  • Performed In-Office Under Guidance of Medical Professional

Visit the Best Psychiatrist Near Me at Mindful Health Solutions

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, Mindful Health Solutions provides innovative services in a patient-centric center that focuses on groundbreaking treatment methods. Mindful Health Solutions is dedicated to providing psychiatric services up to and including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression.

To learn more about Mindful Health Solutions and the efficacy of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, call Mindful Health Solutions in Newport Beach to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Should You Start a Podcast?

Should You Start a Podcast?

Podcasts or as they can also be called video blogs are starting to catch on fire online. It seems that these days podcasts are being done in various subjects, that range from politics, to entertainment, to health, to outdoor life, to dating, you name it odds are a podcast can be found on it. Perhaps you’ve considered creating a podcast of your own yet wonder if these are really worth all the effort? Can someone really be successful at it? Well, the first thing to remember when it comes to a podcast is to always choose to do one on something you’re passionate about.

Take for example Helen Lee Schifter. for anyone who does know who she is, she was a Wall Street as an arbitrage trader before going into journalism. However, it was when she studied Zen Buddhism that she found her true passion. Now she has a highly successful blog podcast on Thrive Global that pertains to health and wellness. So, always find your passion, do the podcast for your passion and rest will follow. Here are some advantages to having a podcast.

A Good Way to Connect with Others

You’d be amazed at how many individuals could share your viewpoints. If your podcasts are instructive you could find those who need the information or advice. We live in the age where we connect with those all over the world. Podcasts are a good way to make that connection in a lasting way.

Good Hobby

Some may think a podcast is a whole lot of work. How can this be called a hobby? True there will be work involved, but there will also be enjoyment remembering you are sharing your passion here. For some of us this is a good way to escape from a hard day or even our problems for a little while by doing a podcast.

Making Money

Alright let’s face it this is one of the main reasons individuals want a podcast, but again it shouldn’t be the main reason. Otherwise you could be doomed to fail from the beginning. The money isn’t going to be there at first. Yes, eventually the monetization will come especially from sponsors and even fan donations, but don’t get your hopes up to be an overnight sensation. Not all of us can be a Helen Lee Schifter. We are staking our own path and have to go on our own journey. We are staking our own path and have to go on our own journey.

Now that we discussed some advantages, how do we get started with making a podcast? Well there are some companies out there that claim to help take the guesswork out of the process. But the best course of action is to always do research on these before signing up, and find out what other customers have said. Also research other podcasts similar to the one you want to start, find out if these are successful. Before long you could have a podcast of your very own.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

Despite being so young, Alexander Djerassi has curated quite the image for himself. Born and raised in the mountains of California, he grew up surrounded by the beauties of nature but his passions led him away. At the vastly young age of 35, he was already a diplomat, a lawyer, and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. His ability to aim high and end up surpassing his goals is remarkable. Aside from aiding to develop a program to help Space Coast and Central Floridians keep afloat amid a sea of student loan debt, Djerassi has spent a lot of his time as a public servant. He thoroughly enjoys participating in volunteer work and encourages others to invest time to volunteer as well. 

He has a law degree from Yale Law School, and graduated Magna cum laude from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs. He then went on to serve as chief of staff at the US Department of State’s Near East Bureau, a position he climbed to over the course of two long, hard years of work as a special assistant. He’s even received a Meritorious Honor Award in 2010 for his dedication.

With all of his awards and degrees, it might seem somewhat surprising that one of his passion projects was launching a Holocaust survivor testimony database. Working alongside his grandmother, a respected scholar of the Holocaust and Jewish-Christian relations, they tirelessly hunted down and secured the whereabouts of unpublished survivor testimonies in the UK. Their work ensures access to those testimonies forever, allowing the survivors’ stories to live on.

Despite his position and status, he believes in working for those less fortunate, putting his powers of negotiation and charm to use for others. Djerassi has a knack for bringing people together that you’d never expect to work and he uses that for the benefits of those less fortunate. Opposing political parties, students and teachers, even protestors and those they’re protesting against, there’s no divide that he hasn’t been able to bridge. One of his passions in life is building relationships across rocky divides, and as we can see from his rap sheet, he’s pretty dang good at it.

One of Djerassi’s more notable projects is, a civic technology company that seeks to help people with college. He was their first official hire and he quickly got to work as the Chief Policy Officer to eliminate gaps that might keep other future young leaders out of college. Mos helps college students lockdown grants or scholarship funds. Tens of thousands of great young minds have benefited from Djerassi’s hard work, especially those considered the first of their families to get a college degree.

Although Alexander Djerassi has an impressive pile of achievements to show the world, the most inspiring thing about him is that as a young child he felt this incredibly strong call to make the world a better place, and he went for it. Nothing seems to be able to stop him in his pursuit of a better world.