Covid-19: Making the Most Out of Being Outdoors

Covid-19: Making the Most Out of Being Outdoors

There was a time when we in Australia thought we would somehow miss this global pandemic, yet it did arrive and since that time, several states have lockdown conditions in place, and while these could change at any time, it is important to make the most out of your outdoor time. There can be heavy penalties for being too far from your home without a valid reason, so do keep up to date with local authority directives, which should ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.


There are some great venues such as Tradies Sutherland, where you can enjoy a drink, good food and some great company, and you can easily make a booking on their website to ensure you’ll get your favourite table. If social distancing is in place, the eateries and pubs would take the appropriate action and they will seat people apart from each other. You should keep a pack of face masks in the car and also some wipes and hand sanitiser, which you should use every time you get in or out of the car.

Daily Exercise

Of course, you should leave your home every day, at least for 30 minutes and a brisk walk will give your major muscle groups a workout. Of course, if there are no restrictions, you can go where you like, but it is always best to avoid crowded areas for obvious reasons, and if you keep to the social distancing rules, you are greatly reducing the chance of becoming infected with the Coronavirus. If you and your partner are spending too much time together, here are a few tips that might be of some use.


If you are not allowed out without a good reason, then spending a couple of hours weeding the garden will give you that much-needed outdoor time, and when the weather is nice, you can read a book or listen to your favourite tunes. Many health practitioners will confirm that the human requires Vitamin D, which we derive from sunlight, so you do need to be outside often, and your garden is as good a place to get some sun as anywhere.

Online Shopping

If you aren’t an online shopper, perhaps now is the time to start, as buying online eliminates human contact and the need to leave your home. You can order organic fruit and vegetables to be delivered to your door, along with anything else you might need, and in most cases, delivery is free. Of course, it is nice to shop at the supermarket, where you can see the produce you are buying, but if the lockdown is in place, your local supermarket will have an online store.

Maintaining Social Contact

If you are under lockdown, you can use social media platforms to keep in touch with family and friends, and with video calling in real-time, you can maintain your social life, and even though it is virtual, it is better than no contact at all. Click here for the latest Covid-19 updates from the Australian government.

It can be very stressful when you are couped up at home for long periods of time, and hopefully, the above advice will help you to remain in good health until we return to normal, whenever that might be.

5-Star Hotel Vacations – How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

5-Star Hotel Vacations – How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Booking a luxury trip away is a call for celebration, but if you like to live a healthy lifestyle, it isn’t an excuse to slack on your exercise and do whatever you like. We all know that holidays come with a lot of temptation, but there are ways to resist bad urges and keep to your healthy habits. While enjoying your trip, remember these tips to ensure you stay on the right track.

Use the Hotel Facilities

You are staying in a luxury hotel with modern facilities, so why not take full advantage of them. It is best to get up early in the morning and get your fitness programme out of the way, so you have the rest of the day to enjoy your vacation.

If they have a swimming pool, mix your programme up and do a few laps instead of your usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. A 5-star hotel in Yangon or anywhere else in the world will have modern exercise equipment and a first-class swimming pool to ensure you stay fit and healthy

Go Easy on the Alcohol

When we go on holiday, we tend to have a lot of extra time on our hands. This results in more alcohol consumption than normal as we enjoy a drink at the pool or later on in the day at a beach party. Holiday makers are more likely to binge drink when on vacation and in hot climates this can carry extra risks.

Exercise with a Partner or Friend

The best way to ensure you stick to your exercise routine and keep fit when on holiday is to work out with a partner or friend. They can motivate you to exercise when you don’t feel like it, and vice versa. If you are travelling alone, ask the hotel about personal training or see if they have any group classes on offer. Training with others is a great way to stay motivated and stick to your daily exercise routine.

Outdoor Activities

Aside from working out in the hotel gym and getting a few laps in at the pool, you can also go on excursions that are physically demanding. Instead of sitting on a bus and viewing the sights, why not opt for a walking tour of the city or a mountain bike trip around the forest? Always try to find trips that involve some form of physical activity.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you are sitting at the pool or walking around the local temples, you must stay hydrated when on holiday, especially in a warm climate. It is important to drink regularly and before you start to feel thirsty. Increase your water intake when exercising in hot weather.

Even on holiday, you should set some time aside to continue with your exercise regime. There is no excuse not to keep active when on holiday, especially if you are booked into a 5-star hotel. They will have modern facilities and fully equipped gyms which enable you to conveniently work out at any time of the day.

Various Ways That you Can Make a Living Online

Various Ways That you Can Make a Living Online

There are many people in the UK who have quit their 9-5 job and now they enjoy the many benefits that come with working online, and if you would like to join them, there are numerous ways that you could make a living online. The many benefits include working when you want, for the duration you want, and from any location, as all you need is a computer and an Internet connection, and with that in mind, here are a few of the ways that you can earn your living online.

  • Teaching English Online – You may not be aware that there is currently a huge demand for English online learning, especially in Asian countries like China, Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations. Don’t worry if you have no teaching experience, as long as you are a native English speaker, you can easily learn how to teach online. Search online for language institutions that offer distance language learning and they would be happy to hire you. Your classes would be in keeping with the student’s location, which might mean having to work at night or in the late evenings, and the language school would pay you a rate for every hour that you teach.
  • Set Up an E-Commerce Website – There has never been a better time to get into e-commerce, as many consumers turn to online shopping, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. If you choose your products carefully and invest in digital marketing from Move Ahead Media, there’s no reason why your e-store won’t be successful. You will need to outsource your IT needs to a web developer, who would design, create and manage your website, while also providing essential cyber-security. Start by doing some market research to determine a good line of products, then develop your business plan and calculate the amount of money needed to launch the business, and if you need extra capital, take out a short-term business loan which you can repay during the first 12 months. If you are looking for a home loan, here are some tips to save you a little money.
  • Web Content Writer – If you like to write, you can become an online web content writer for one of the many content providers, and with a little training, you can write articles on a wide range of topics. The agency would ask you every morning if you are up for work and they would send you an agreed number of blogs at an agreed rate per word, and you can work as much, or as little as you please. Like most things, the more you apply yourself, the more competent you become and when you have reached a high standard, you can command a high rate for sales copy. Of course, you will need a computer and a stable Internet connection, plus you can use Google as a research tool when working on projects. Click here for UK government updates on Covid-19.

Of course, there are a lot of people in the UK who are looking for employment, but if you possess the skills to do any of the above, then you can live the dream life that goes with working as a freelance operator.

What To Do In Bangkok For Your Next Trip To Thailand

What To Do In Bangkok For Your Next Trip To Thailand

Bangkok is one of the largest and most populated cities in Asia if not the world, while you should also be aware that a number of the top tourist attractions are available if you want to explore the delights of this bustling Thai capital city. Indeed, regardless of your preferences for activities or forms of entertainment, you can find a number of things to do to suit your taste. Furthermore, you should also be aware that eating some of the best street food in Asia and visiting some of the most beautiful temples in the world are possible if you want to experience some of the best aspects of real Thai culture. However, you should also be aware that taking your time to plan your next trip to Thailand is imperative if you want to see all of the various tourist attractions that are available in Bangkok.

  • Experience authentic Thai food
  • Learn about Thai culture
  • Watch the world go by

A.              Experience real Thai food

You may have visited your local Thai restaurant and enjoyed some of the dishes that are available. However, you should be aware that visiting Thailand can give you the opportunity to delve into the realities of Thai cuisine and try a number of new dishes. Indeed, Bangkok is home to people from all over Thailand, meaning you can try a variety of Thai dishes from all over the country. You should also be aware that Thailand has some of the best street food, especially near Vib Best Western Sanam Pao, meaning you do not have to visit a fine dining restaurant to discover some of the finest tastes of this fantastic Asian country.

B.              Understand Thai culture

In addition, you should also be aware that Bangkok contains some of the most beautiful temples in the entire country of Thailand, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Furthermore, it is imperative to understand that the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located very close to the Grand Palace, which is one of the most beautiful and inspiring buildings in the city of Bangkok. However, it is imperative to understand that visiting the Grand Palace and some of the most important temples in the city will require you to wear an appropriate form of clothing as a dress code applies at all times while you should also apply several tips to travel safely at all times.

C.              Watch the world go by

Lastly, you should also be aware that you could take a trip down the river or sit and just watch the world go by on Khao San Road, which is one of the most popular destinations in the city for young travellers. Furthermore, you should also be aware that a number of night time activities are available around the city, depending on your preferences while you should be aware of any travel advice from the government before booking your trip.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you will be visiting Bangkok in the near future, you should take some time to understand the various tourist attractions that are available to give you an idea about the main reasons that Thailand is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

The Benefits For Living Your Life Beside The Sea

The Benefits For Living Your Life Beside The Sea

When people are frequently asked about where they would like to live, if money was no object, then the vast majority would choose to live beside the sea. There’s just something about the ocean that draws us to it, and if we get any free time at all during the week or on the weekends, we immediately head for the ocean to relax, and to breathe in all of that fresh air. As humans, we love to be in and around the water, and even though there are a lot of things living in there, that could bite and sting us, it still doesn’t seem to put us off.

Coastal living.

People who love to live near the ocean appear to lead a much healthier lifestyle, and statistics suggest, that living by the sea could provide great benefits for our mental and physical health. Even spending the day on a boat party in Sydney can provide you with the short-term benefits just mentioned, and being on, in, or by the sea, offers all of us a chance to relax, and to de-stress, and this is just what the doctor ordered. There is something very relaxing about sailing on the ocean, or lying down on a sandy beach, on a hot sunny day, and if we could afford it, many of us would try to make a permanent move to find a property beside the ocean.

Many health benefits.

Living beside the ocean is good for you, and these are not just opinions, but are backed up by scientific evidence. The following are just some of the many benefits for your mind and body, when living right beside the sea.

  • A better night’s sleep – Living by, or visiting the ocean, supplies you with cleaner and fresher air that you need for a great night’s sleep. The ions found in the sea air, allow your body to absorb more oxygen, and also increases the body’s hormones that induce happiness. The sea air allows you to become more relaxed, which improves your mood and helps you to sleep better.
  • Improved mental health – Living by the ocean contributes to a better feeling within yourself, and statistics tell us that people who live by the sea, suffer from less depression and anxiety, than their city counterparts. Data tells us, that people living near the sea, experience less mental issues, than people who live further inland. In a nutshell, the closer you live to the ocean, the better your health.
  • Rich in minerals – Seawater is known to contain many rich minerals like potassium, sulphur and magnesium, which are very good for the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially good for skin issues like dermatitis and psoriasis.

If you’re not lucky enough to live beside the ocean, then whenever possible, you should make every effort to get to the seaside as much as possible. There are numerous boat trips in the Sydney area, that allow you to get out there on the ocean, and thus experience all of the above health benefits.

What the Sharp-Dressed Groom is Wearing in 2020

What the Sharp-Dressed Groom is Wearing in 2020

If you have popped the question and are preparing for a 2020 wedding, your attire will be something you need to give some serious thought. Obviously, you want to look your best on this most special of days, and with that in mind, here a few looks that the sharp dresser will be wearing when he walks down the aisle this year.

  • The Eccentric Look – If you are a man who doesn’t follow the crowd, make sure everyone knows this by creating a colourful and very unique look that simply suits your personality. Flashy tie and the style of suit that you love, and with some very bright socks from a trendy online supplier, you will cut a unique look that reflects the kind of person you are. If you feel comfortable with a Panama hat or a cane, then go for it! The great thing about going over the top is that it matters not – you are, after all, a completely eccentric person!
  • The Blue Tuxedo – Ryan Gosling’s blue tuxedo stole the show at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and for good reason, as the look was labelled ‘modern elegance’, with white flower button-hole and a nice silk handkerchief. Black patent leather shoes and patterned socks make up the rest, and with online sock suppliers, you can view an extensive range of patterns, colours and designs, choosing something suitable. A lilac silk shirt blends well with the tux, and as for bow ties, think bright and creative, with a matching silk handkerchief and there you have it!
  • The Gatsby Look – Glitzy and stylish, with silk matching waistcoat and bow tie, the groom who wears this will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Made to measure is the only way to go, and be prepared to spend some money, after all, you only get married once! A 1920s style Italian silk suit forms the basis of your look, and with stylish brogues in black or brown and chequered socks from, your Gatsby look is complete. A pocket watch is a must, along with a silk handkerchief and some stylish cufflinks, and you are ready for the biggest day of your life.
  • Crisp, White 3-Piece Suit – If there was ever an occasion for that tailored white suit, this would be it. Matching the bride is a great idea and you can accessorise with red or black, depending on your style, and if you sport long hair and have a slightly rugged appearance, this is the look for you. The Panama hat is definitely a possibility and such a distinguished look definitely demands an elegant pocket watch.

As this is to be a very special day in your life, you should pull out all the stops and make sure that you complement your bride with a stylish suit that reflects your character. We would recommend a full dress rehearsal a couple of days prior to the big day, just to be on the safe side, then you walk down the aisle, knowing that you look your very best.

What’s the Best Way to Fund a Small Business Start-Up?

What’s the Best Way to Fund a Small Business Start-Up?

Many of us dream of starting a business, after all, who wouldn’t want to be in charge and do something they really love? Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to get a business off the ground. Cash is usually the biggest obstacle, and even if you don’t need a huge amount to start things up, you will need some seed money to get things going. So, how do you fund your business idea?

Consider how much you really need

While you may want to start with a big office and state of the art equipment, the truth is, many businesses start off in peoples’ garage or a spare bedroom. It’s worth sitting down and working on a spreadsheet detailing the bare bones of what you need to get things going. As you make a profit, you can then invest it in buying more stuff for the business.

Take out a small loan

It can be a long, complex process to take out a business loan, and perhaps not one you want to get into if you’re just starting a side hustle right now. Consider getting a personal loan from to help you get things off the ground. Remember, if the business doesn’t succeed, you’ll still need to pay the loan back, so be careful about how much you borrow and ensure repayments are manageable.

Consider using your savings

Your savings can be another way to fund your business dream. If you only need a few hundred to buy some items, then this may be a good way to get things off the ground. However, there can be disadvantages to using your savings this way:

  • You lose out on any potential interest payments
  • You may get penalties for withdrawing your savings
  • It can remove any safety net you had for the future
  • It’s risky – you shouldn’t invest your entire savings in a business venture

Using small amounts of your savings can help you achieve your goals, but only use them if you’ve considered the above.

Asking friends and family for help

Friends and family can often help you with small loans, and they may well be happy to fund an enthusiastic entrepreneur. However, borrowing from loved ones can be risky, if things in your business don’t go to plan, you may end up souring personal relationships.

Treat a loan from family or friends as you would any business loan. Make sure you pay it back, whether your business succeeds or not, and put together a business plan so you can make the most of the money and don’t waste it.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and have an amazing idea for a start-up, you don’t have to wait to turn your dreams into a reality. There are many ways you can fund a business, whether it’s from taking out a loan, using your own money or getting help from others. Weigh up the pros and cons of each option and pick a choice that’s right for you and has the least risk.

5 Reasons to Charter a Superyacht for your Next Holiday

5 Reasons to Charter a Superyacht for your Next Holiday

We’ve all dreamt of lounging on the sun deck on a glamorous superyacht, sipping on our favourite cocktail, and as soon as our lottery numbers come up, that’s one of the first things we will arrange. Yet when you get together with some of your friends and share the cost, chartering a superyacht suddenly becomes very affordable. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a superyacht as your next holiday experience.

  1. Five Star Luxury – It doesn’t get any better than a luxury superyacht; built for the millionaire lifestyle, and with vessels that can accommodate from 10 to 40 people in opulent luxury, you will find a superyacht that is ideal for your group. A professional crew take care of everything, leaving you to party and enjoy the breath-taking scenery on one of the many decks, or chill out in the hot tub in the evenings, with champagne on ice. This is luxury at its best, with a professional crew to ensure you have everything you need, and with some great water sports toys, you’ll have lots of opportunities to play!
  2. Tailored Charter – You might, for example, fancy exploring the tranquil Andaman Sea, and with affordable yacht charter in Phuket that allows you to make the decisions regarding destinations and timelines, you are the boss. There are lots of interesting ports in this region, and the skipper knows the waters like the back of his hand and can make some recommendations. The Malaysian coast is really something, with miles and miles of pristine beaches and with your own yacht, you can stop when you wish.
  3. Affordable – As an example, let’s take 7 couples, each with their own private cabin and calculate the cost of a 2-3 week package in a 5-star resort, which would cost more per person than an all-inclusive superyacht charter. Superyacht charter is within everyone’s reach, and with vessels that can accommodate 30+ people, large groups are not an issue.
  4. A Moving Holiday – When you charter a yacht, you decide where you go, and as you glide through tropical waters, your backdrop is constantly changing. There’s something exciting about exploring unknown waters, especially in the experienced hands of the captain, who can make a few recommendations for great spots to drop anchor.
  5. Family & Friends – There’s no better way to holiday with those you love than being together on a superyacht, and with 5-star luxury and a few toys to keep you amused, you can enjoy each other’s company in style.

If you have a large social circle, start talking to your friends about next year’s holiday and you can all sit down and explore the potential of an all-inclusive superyacht charter. Google will take you to the website of an established yacht charter company where you can browse the vessels that can accommodate between 10-40 people, with every cabin having full en-suite facilities.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Reception

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Reception

If you are soon to be walking down the aisle with your partner, this will be a day to be remembered for both of you, and if any occasions warrants pulling out all the stops, it is a wedding. In this article, we will be giving you some advice on how to plan the perfect day, just in case you need some help.

  • The Wedding Reception – If you would like your wedding party to be one that is remembered for all the right reasons, call in the outdoor caterers, who have the know-how and the equipment to make sure that things go as planned. You have more than enough to do with arranging everything else, so let the experts handle the catering and you can focus on having a good time. Themed weddings are really in vogue at the moment, so why not ask everyone to help by getting into the spirit of things and creating a theme to be remembered?
  • The Venue – Ideally, the venue would be one that has extensive experience catering for wedding parties, as they would have you covered regarding parking, overnight accommodation and anything else that you might need. Choosing such a venue means there’s nothing left to organise, as they are able to handle everything.
  • Transportation – Hopefully, you will only make your entrance and exit to your wedding party once in your life, and with affordable sports car rental, you can really do this in style. Whatever your favourite supercar, you can rent this from a specialist rental company and when it is time to leave the reception for the honeymoon, you and your partner can experience a supercar. You might prefer something a little more traditional like a horse drawn carriage or a gleaming white Rolls Royce, and either way, there are online providers who can arrange everything for you.
  • The Entertainment – As we all know, a wedding party is nothing without some lively entertainment, and whether you choose a live band or a local DJ, it is worth spending some time making sure that your choices are suitable for all. Ask the DJ to prepare a few playlists that would appeal to the older crowd, plus something for the youngsters.
  • The Menu – An important aspect of any social gathering, the menu could be a buffet style arrangement, or you could opt for the traditional sit-down meal, and then there is the question of drinks and refreshments. Some people allow their guests to order what they like and settle up at the end of the event, while others will put an amount of money behind the bar and once that is gone, everyone pays for their own drinks. The choice is yours.

A wedding party is the perfect time to spring a few surprises, so don’t be surprised if your guests have a few little things planned to unfold sometime during the evening, and with some careful planning, your wedding party will be one to be remembered for a very long time.