Helen Lee Schifter: The Joy of Authenticity

Helen Lee Schifter: The Joy of Authenticity

Helen Lee Schifter, a former fashion editor,  may claim that authenticity tends to add joy to life. She encourages others to stay true to themselves because it is vital to know oneself on a personal level. Authenticity is essentially remaining real in terms of what is said and what is really thought really thought about. This is honesty in thinking and actions. Many people claim that authenticity is referring to a passion within. Often authenticity will increase levels of self-worth because it is a truthful and informed way of being or fully living. An authentic person has some very noticeable characteristics:

* trustworthy

* honest

* unique in their ideas

* genuine

* open-minded

These are a sample of some of the noteworthy qualities that are associated with an authentic person. Authenticity adds joy to life in amazing ways.

Defining Joy

Authenticity and joy mixed together add up to cheerful feelings, added vibrancy, feelings of pleasure and feeling connected to others is real and valid ways. Joy can come from meaningful relationships. Authenticity is weaved in with joy because powerful relationships are formed between authentic individuals who truly know themselves. Authenticity eliminates superficial relationships which lack meaning for many. Joy is often described as an inner feeling.

Achieving Authenticity

The former arbitrage trader on Wall Street believes it is joyful to achieve authenticity as a human being. Many people hold the belief that it is risky to be authentic because sometimes it is more popular to go along with the average crowd rather than be completely honest and real with personal feelings and views. Many people allow the world to mold their views and ideas. This notion tends to dull the senses and leave many people feeling uninformed about their own selves. The following ideas lead to authenticity:

* Review family styles and teachings; many families have a set of beliefs that have been ingrained into the entire family for generations. Some people, striving to be authentic, can fully examine their own family belief system and decide for themselves what their own beliefs are and then discard whatever beliefs do not ring true

* Taking time to discover oneself; think before acting and talking is often a good way to discover oneself. Many will even take the time to honestly observe themselves on an objective level. It is glorious to discover oneself on a deep and meaningful level

* Hosting conversations with oneself; conversations, in terms of thoughts, can reveal much and help a person to sort out their own ideas and views. Some people have written conversations with themselves and this has led them to their own real selves

* Match words with actions; authentic people will make certain their words and actions are aligned and matching. Incorporate the matching of belief systems too

* Examine doubts and fears on a regular basis; everyone has doubts and fears throughout life. An authentic person will acknowledge, examine and embrace them because they are valid and real. Examining any doubts and fears tends to lead people to feelings of freedom because they do not need to pretend to have all of life’s answers and they give themselves permission to be human

There is valid joy when authenticity is able to come through because every human being is meant to be themselves and to experience real happiness in their life.

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