This is What Wheelchair Seat Pads Can Do For Your Back

This is What Wheelchair Seat Pads Can Do For Your Back

Does your grandmother always complain about how her wheelchair seat is extremely uncomfortable? Do the rims always hurt her back, and the seat gets moist real quick? 

Well, she isn’t the only one. 

For several wheelchair users, it is difficult to stay erect and not experience the constant feeling of sliding. Further, many are affected by pressure sores, which culminate into serious infections. On hot days, non-breathable seats will cause sweating within no time, making it impossible to have a pleasant sitting experience. 

In such scenarios, changing the wheelchair from time to time can be an expensive affair. However, wheelchair seat pads are a quick and effective solution that can do wonders for one’s back and prevent discomfort issues. 

Let’s understand in detail:

How Does A Wheel Chair Seat Pad Help Your Back? 

Confused about what a wheelchair seat pad is? It is nothing but a cushion placed on your wheelchair to make sitting comforting and sustainable. These seat pads are found in a variety of materials like foam, gel, foam/gel combination, ROHO (air-filled), and memory foam. For back support, hygienic sitting, and posture improvement, memory foam wheelchair seat pads are widely preferred. 

Here is how they keep your back safe and pressure-free on a wheelchair:

Equal Distribution Of Pressure

One of the biggest contributions to back pain is when pressure gets focused on a singular point along the spine. A traditional wheelchair induces strain only on the hips, pelvis, and thighs. This can cause fatigue and cramps in these areas leading to conditions like pressure sores, arthritis, and osteoporosis. 

A wheelchair seat pad tackles the problem effectively. It ensures that all the body weight is evenly redistributed. This removes the strain from a particular area and allows smooth circulation of blood. You feel more relaxed and energized, and prevent circulatory issues from arising – a common problem for wheelchair-bound people.

Maintains Better Posture

A flimsy wheelchair can make you slouch for relief and ruin your posture. Once you slide down, it’s difficult to sit back firmly. A bad posture messes with your spine alignment and has deep-rooted implications for your long-term joint health.

A wheelchair seat pad ensures that you sit erect in your chair for the entire time. It is not slippery and has good friction to hold you together. The cushions adapt to the curvature of your body, support your hips and help you keep up with healthy sitting postures. 

Affordable Treatment For Your Back

Well, certain medical costs of treating chronic back pain and spine disorders are skyrocketing. It takes a prolonged time to completely relieve you and comes with side effects. Although chronic conditions require medical assistance, a wheelchair seat pad is recommended by several doctors as a precautionary measure. 

How does it help? Your wheelchair seat pad is an affordable long-term investment to improve posture, relieve pressure, and help circulation. It is easy to maintain, and lightweight to carry around. 

Keep A Check On Temperature And Moisture

It can be tiresome to sit on a regular wheelchair when the surface is constantly sticking to your body. The lack of ventilation aggravates your pressure sores. Further, the temperature is constantly building up to add to your discomfort. All you want to do is to be showered with something cold for your back. 

Well, to save your skin (quite literally)  wheelchair seat pads perform this task within no time. It facilitates a soothing experience. The gel technology can divert heat away, while ventilation holes allow for airflow and prevent moisture buildup on your skin.

A wheelchair seat pad is resistant to your body heat and channels the energy to adjust to the shape of your body. This provides immediate assistance to your sore back while letting your skin breathe freely.

Why Is A Memory Foam Wheelchair Seat Pad A Perfect Buy?

Since the 1960s, memory foam has been the top pick for several mattress and pillow manufacturers. Here is why you should buy it for your wheelchair as well.

  • Memory foam wheelchair seat pads have exceptional adaptability to your body size.
  • It keeps a check on the temperature and provides relief to the pain-afflicted areas. 
  • The material restricts unwanted movement for your body to feel comforted and focus on healing. 
  • Being allergy-free, it does not attract any kind of dust mites or harmful components. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to close doors to uncomfortable sitting and infection-prone wheelchairs. Your wheelchair seat pad will be your one-stop solution to all your back aches, uneasy slouching, and sweaty sensations. 

It is the best thing you can treat your back with over any kind of expensive surgery or medications. So don’t indulge in any further thinking. Remember that your back deserves to be protected and kept healthy at all costs.